Peshawar Rugs

Peshawar Rugs are beautiful and elegant rugs that combine the rich designs of antique Peshawar Rugs with subdued colors that match most decorations. The name used to identify these rugs can sometimes cause confusion, as Peshawar rugs are also known as Chobi rugs, Chobi Peshawar rugs or sometimes Ziegler rugs.

History Of Peshawar Rugs: The Start Of Something Great

Map showing city of Peshawar in Pakistan
Peshawar In The North Of Pakistan 

Woven by Afghan weavers in the Peshawar regions of Pakistan, Peshawar rugs echo the rugged terrain that they are manufactured in. These rugs are knotted using locally available wool that is completely spun by hand. The colors are all obtained from natural vegetable dyes. The rugs have a fine knot and the designs are influenced by the Kazak and the Caucasian Shirvan styles.

The capital city of the North West Frontier province in Pakistan, Peshawar is located on the Pakistan – Afghanistan border. Although it is now as famous as a significant carpet manufacturing center, it wasn’t always so. Because of its location at the border, this city was at first an important centre for trade and commerce in the region.

The Interesting Story Behind Peshawar Rugs

There are no records that show exactly when the local tribes began weaving rugs in this area but it is thought that it was the ancient Scythians who probably introduced it. Later, in the 16th century, the Moghul emperor Akbar set up several rug weaving workshops in his imperial court but because the weavers had only a rudimentary knowledge of the craft, he brought in Persian weavers to teach the locals the finer techniques of weaving. Although these rugs which were woven in the court workshops resembled the Persian rugs in weave and design, they were certain differences between the two. Soon, a new Moghul style began to emerge from the workshops.

When Pakistan got its independence in 1947, recognizing the need for employment and industry, the new government granted subsidies to the Pakistani rug-weaving industry, which was still quite small at the time. This financial aid was all that was needed to give the country’s nascent rug making industry a push and soon Pakistan announced its arrival as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hand knotted oriental rugs.

Characteristics Of Peshawar Rugs

“Transcription: Hi and welcome to introduction to Peshawar rugs, also known as Chobi rug. So these rugs are manufactured in the city of Peshawar, located in the northeastern region of Pakistan. And although these rugs look antique, they’re actually newly made, and the reason is that Peshawar designs are inspired by traditional Persian designs. You can see many similarities in between the designs of these rugs and antique Perhan Persian rugs found in museums throughout the world.

So, Peshawar rugs are treated to get this antique look. These rugs are made with natural dye and hand-spun wool. And at first, their colors are much darker. But then they are stone-washed and placed in strong sunlight and it’s because of this treatment that Peshawar rugs has this beautiful antique finish. And you will notice that these rugs look and feel somewhat thin, yet they are still very durable and woven with the finest quality hand-spun wool.

Now, most Peshawar rugs have a beige tone throughout the rug. But they also come in a variety of other colors, such as this blue one right here, and this orangish-red one over here. Now, these rugs also offer a few different patterns. For example, let’s take a look at a Peshawar rug with a floral all over pattern.

And also, we can take a look at another Peshawar rug with a repeating floral pattern. The very attractive feature about these Peshawar rugs is that they offer beautiful designs of antique rugs combined with colors that are complimentary to almost any decor.”

Peshawar rugs have a wool pile and cotton weft and warp. Occasionally weavers used natural or artificial silk in the pile when they wanted to highlight the features of certain special motifs. Some of the higher quality Peshawar rugs are woven using local wool blended with fine merino wool. Imported from Australia, New Zealand and Korea, merino wool is stronger, has a higher lanolin content and a longer staple, which gives the rugs a sleeker finish and also makes them more durable. And although Peshawar Rugs may look antique, they are newly made. Interestingly, there are many similarities between Peshawar rugs and Antique Persian rugs found in museums throughout the world.

new Peshawar rug with antique finsih
9’x12′ New Peshawar – Antique Finish 
Antique Persian Peshawar Rug
12’x18′ Antique Persian Peshawar
– only in mesuems

Peshawar designs are inspired by antique and traditional Persian rug designs. And the color composition used for these rugs are complementary to most decorations, wether antique or modern. These rugs are finely knotted using two types of weaves – the Persian weave and the Mori weave. The dyes are all natural, vegetable dyes obtained from the native flora of the region.

The weavers of this region favor more subtle colors such as ivory and golden tones, which gives the rugs their typical washed-out or antique patina. But many variations of colors are also offered. These colors include red, blue, orange-red, green, brown and more. The weaving technique and the natural dyes are what give the Peshawar rugs their distinctive abrash quality, a term that describes the gently varying shades of color that can be seen in the pile of the rugs.

Beautiful Antique Finish

rugs layout in sunlight
Rugs placed In Strong Natural Sunlight 

These rugs are treated to get the beautiful antique finish. When Peshawar rugs are initially weaved, their colors are much brighter and bolder. So in order to get the antique look, they are put through a traditional antique treatment. First their pile is cut shorter until it reaches a medium thickness. Then the rug goes through a stone washing process comparable to the process used on jeans. And at last, Peshawar rugs are placed in strong sunlight, which subdues their initial bold colors and give them the beautiful antique finish. These rugs have an attractive natural luster along with a durable pile that can hold up to all intensities of foot traffic. If you would like to learn more, please visit our blog post about Peshawar rugs.

Peshawar Rugs For Sale and Prices of Peshawar Rugs

  • Peshawar 5' x 7'1"

  • Peshawar 2'7" x 4'2"

  • Peshawar 3'3'' x 4'11''

  • Peshawar 3'2'' x 4'11''

  • Peshawar Rug 2' x 2'11"

    Peshawar 2' x 2'11"

  • Peshawar 5' x 6'11"

  • Peshawar 4'11'' x 6'4''

  • Peshawar 2'7'' x 7'9''

  • Peshawar Rug 2' x 2'11"

    Peshawar 2' x 2'11"

  • Peshawar 2'8'' x 4'2''

  • Peshawar 4'1" x 6'2"

  • Peshawar Rug 10' x 14'

    Peshawar 10' x 14'

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