4 Reasons Oriental Rugs Make the Perfect Gift For The Holidays

Looking for the perfect Holiday gift for someone with discerning taste? If you’re looking for a gift that’s unique, exotic, practical and long-lasting, you should consider an Oriental rug. Here are four of the best reasons an Oriental rug makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

Oriental Rugs Never Go Out Of Style

An Oriental rug is a classic design that can be as subtle or as bold as anyone could hope for. Darker rugs tend to anchor light and bright rooms, and lighter designs bring color and freshness to an otherwise dreary space. Graphic designs can help bring a pop of interest to stark, minimalist décor, while more subtle, classic patterns can help bring Old World flair to a formal setting.

No matter what rug you choose for the recipient, so long as you keep their personal aesthetic in mind, there is no way you can go wrong with a quality hand-made Oriental rug.

An Oriental Rug Is A Work Of Art

Hand-made Oriental rugs are unique, hand-made art pieces that reflect not only the culture of the weaver but may even tell a story all on their own. This is true no matter how “young” (newer rugs) or “old” (antiques) a rug is. Every knot, color, and design element used to make the rug tells the story of the weaver and their family, the culture they come from, and the region in which they reside.

Whether you choose a silk rug in pastel colors or a sturdy wool workhorse in a variety of colors, an Oriental rug is a work of art that not only showcases its recipient’s taste, it shows off the talents of the weaver as well.

When you gift someone an Oriental rug, you know it is a gift that will last forever. It’s more than likely that several generations will inherit your gift over the years.

Oriental rugs always garner compliments and surreptitious glances of envy, no matter where they are placed.  Everyone who loves art will love having a one-of-a-kind Oriental rug in their personal collection.

Oriental Rugs Last A Lifetime

An Oriental rug may well outlast the recipients. How many times have you received a gift that looks beautiful but doesn’t last long enough? It’s disappointing to receive a lovely gift and then have to throw it away a few years later only because it has lost its good looks. This will never happen with an Oriental rug. When you gift someone an Oriental rug, you know it is a gift that will last forever. It’s more than likely that several generations will inherit and admire your gift over the years.

Oriental Rugs Are Environmentally Friendly

Oriental rugs are made entirely from sustainable materials with minimum impact on the environment. They are made from all natural materials such as wool, silk, and cotton, and contain all-natural plant and vegetable dyes that are available in nature. Everything on a true Oriental rug is biodegradable, with no man-made chemical treatment involved. These rugs sustain not only the weaver’s family, but entire villages as well.

Gifting an Oriental rug for the Holidays is one way to encourage and support sustainability.



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