Is a Persian Rug a Good Investment?

Persian Rugs Are Investments

One of the biggest differences between handĀ knottedĀ Persian rugs and the machine made varieties is their investment value.

You can buy a Persian rug and use it in your home and it will still retain its value after several years provided of course that it is not worn out or damaged.

Machine made rugs on the other hand tend to lose their value once they are used even if they are in good condition. This is one of the main reasons why if you are looking to buy a rug as an investment, you should buy a Persian rug and not a machine made rug.

So why exactly is a Persian rug a good investment?

There are several reasons for this. All Persian rugs are made entirely by hand, from the shearing of the sheep to the weaving of the rug.

This means that it takes much longer to produce each piece and also because it is handmade, every piece tends to be unique and different from any other piece. Even if the variation is very subtle, the difference will always be there because of it made by hand. This uniqueness is what makes Persian rugs such a great investment.

With machine made rugs, you can be sure there will be several others made using the same machine settings. This instantly lowers the value of each piece.

a good Investment on a Persian rug
Antique Bakhtyari ( tribal)

What to consider when buying a Persian rug

While you will want to be very careful and check any rug thoroughly before you buy it, you will need to be doubly careful if you are buying a rug purely for investment.

First, take a close look at the general state of the rug. Is it soft and pliable or is it stiff and brittle? If you fold one corner of the rug, and you hear it cracking and can see a few cracks, you know the rug is very old. Keep in mind that age by itself does not matter. In fact, the older the rug the higher the value provided the rug is well-maintained and undamaged.

Secondly, examine the quality of silk or wool in the pile and the quality of the knots. All of these factors will give you a pretty good estimate of how well the rug will age with time. The better the quality of the wool or silk, the longer the rug will last.

Rugs that feature vibrant colors and unique patterns also make better investments rather than run of the mill designs and dull patterns.

good investment in a Persian rug
Mashad Rug with Signature of Shash -Khalani

Caring for your investment

If you are buying a Persian rug as an investment it is important to care for the rug so it wears well and lasts longer so that when it is time to sell it, there should be no depreciation in the value.