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Joe S.

With Catalina rug, we were able to have the most beautiful and highest quality rugs.

1. What inspired you to begin your Persian rug collection?

Our Aunt Millie had a house full of Persian rugs and we always had a desire to do the same when we had our own home and could afford it.

2. How long have you been collecting rugs and how many rugs do you own so far?

We have been collecting rugs for over 30 years. We recently moved to a new home and several of the rugs we had went missing in the move.

The good news is we found Catalina Rugs online and replenished our rugs with some of the most beautiful and highest quality rugs we have ever owned.

We currently have 8 rugs.

3. What particular selection criteria do you have when buying a rug? Please share your tips and tricks with other rug enthusiasts.

The pattern and size are important, but the history and where they are from play a big role in our decision. We always pay attention to knot density, where the rug was made, and pile thickness.

Rose’s guidance has been invaluable to us in making decisions. We have sent her photos of several areas of our home and her recommendations have been very helpful.

4. Why did you Choose Catalina?

We did a great deal of research before choosing to work with Catalina Rug. Their website and the way we have been able to look at rugs both online and with video calls is second to none.

The rugs we have received are top quality at a very fair price.

5. Why Persian Rugs?

We have loved Persian rugs since childhood. We have a passion for authentic hand knotted rugs with some age to them.


Nain 6’7″x 9’8″
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