Certified Authentic

The authenticity of Persian and Oriental rugs is the first and the most important aspect to consider before you make the investment.

It’s the ONE thing that can make buying your first or next rug – a pleasurable and memorable, dream experience or … a nightmare.

How Do You Know If A Rug is the Same Origin as Claimed and Not a Counterfeit?

In essence, is this rug what the seller says it is? 

Because it is important that you are paying a fair market value (not paying over price) for this floor art. And, you are getting the GENUINE art that you’ve been promised for the price you paid.

Every rug has a lineage and can be traced back through its knots and weaves to when and where it was made.

Which guarantees its authenticity

How Do We Do It?

Yes, we have done the due diligence for you. You’ll never have to worry about it.

To verify the authenticity, sometimes it’s as easy as getting the legal paperwork from a trusted rug partner when we source the rugs.

Leanding Back to Roots Through Knots and Weaves

Or, by the old documentation about rugs that were known to come out of a particular workshop and match the documents to the rug we are inspecting and appraising.

And sometimes a rug is simply brand new and we know precisely when it was made and where… down to the day, week, month, and year.

Signature Rug

A special rug signature is often secretly woven into the fabric of a rug…

… revealing the true identity of the rug maker — which can then be traced back to a historical or well-known workshop — to prove its authenticity.

Signed Tabriz Rug

Certified Authentic Certificate

At Catalina, our co-founder Jeff Shadkam, who has over 42 years of experience, sources and hand-picks each rug from the crafters himself. 

Plus, with our rigorous 10 Point Inspection Approval Process, we are confident in the authenticity of each rug. Therefore, every rug comes with a certification of authenticity also known as Appraisal Certificate.

It contains all the essential information about the rug, just like a birth certificate, except it also states the value of the rug.

Certificate of Authenticity with Hardcover

This certificate comes in handy when you want to insure your valuable assets or in other circumstances where appraised value is needed. 

Items on the Certificate
Rug ID

ID that is recognized in our system for future reference and also for eligibility on our customer’s exclusive service. 

Made in Country

This tells you in which country the rug is born. At Catalina, most of our rugs are sourced from Iran (previously known as Persia) whilst we also have rugs from other oriental countries.

Type of Rug

Mainly determined by the pattern on the rug, it is also an indicator from which village or region the rug is made.


Size of the rug. Useful information to keep on hand for quick reference when you want to buy a furniture set or plan to place the rug in another room. 


This tells whether the rug is an antique art. There are distinctive patterns from different eras.

Knot Density

This is perhaps one of the most talk-about aspects. “KPSI” stands for knot count per square inch. This determines how detailed the pattern can be, how smooth to the touch, and the strength of the pile.

Pile Materials

It can be wool, silk or cotton, or a combination. It contributes to the appearance and sheen level of the rug.

Foundation Materials

Cotton and wool are among the common foundation materials. The material determines the firmness and durability of the rug.


Condition information about the rug, such as foundation condition, pile wear, repair, etc. Most of our rugs are in excellent condition.

Pile Height

This affects the comfort of the feet and also the level of dust trapping. This is a personal preference and depends on the room’s function.


One of the most important items on the certificate. This is the appraised value of the rug provided by experts. Full value will be stated (even if you’re lucky enough to get it at a lower price).

Read more on price guide here.

This certificate can be used for insurance or resale purposes. It aims to protect your investment and peace of mind in getting the genuine floor art quality for the amount you invested.

Catalina Rug has been selling online for over 24 years with co-founder, Jeff Shadkam. Jeff is the 3rd generation in his family to be in the rug business. We take pride in the heritage of Persian rugs and aim to make every one of our customers enjoy the journey to find the perfect rug as much as the enjoy of owning the rug itself.

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