Do Persian Rugs Absorb The Sound Of The Room And Hallways?

Persian rugs have a lot of well-known benefits, from adding color to your space and uplifting your décor to providing a soft landing for your feet. One of the lesser-known benefits of Persian rugs is their ability to absorb the sound of the room and hallways, creating a more peaceful space.
Persian Rug In The Hallway
Placing A Persian Runner Reduces The Noise And Vibrations Of Sound In The Hallways.
Persian Rug In The Living Room
Persian Rugs Made Of Wool Have The Highest Sound Absorbing Qualities.

Flat Hard Surfaces Reflect Sound Easily

Walking over flat hard surfaces such as marble, wood, or tiled flooring, can be noisy. Leather-soled shoes, especially heels, can make a lot of noise when you walk over these surfaces disturbing not just your own household but even the downstairs neighbors. This can get annoying and is particularly bothersome if someone is ill, studying, or working from home.

Room With Bare Hard Floors.
Flat, Hard Surfaces Can Be Noisy.

Persian Rugs Are An Effective Sound Absorber

While all rugs provide a soft flooring to walk on, not all are effective sound absorbers. A rug’s ability to absorb sound will depend on a number of factors. Two of the main factors that impact a rug’s sound absorbing ability are the fabric it is made of and its thickness.

Persian rugs made of wool have the highest sound absorbing qualities. This is because the higher density of the wool fibers. Moreover, each of the wool fibers has a unique diameter, crimp, and spirality, which allows it to absorb sound at a different frequency.

Together the wool fibers absorb sounds at a wide range of frequencies, effectively dampening the overall sounds.

Heriz Rug
Hand Knotted Heriz With 100% Wool Pile And Cotton Foundation.
Tabriz Rug
Tabriz Rug Made Of 100% Wool Pile And Cotton Foundation.

What Happens When Sound Meets The Wall

Sound is carried around any space via air molecules. All sound sources vibrate when creating a sound. These vibrations cause the molecules to bounce back and forth in a specific manner, which is what causes the noise.

A thick-piled woolen Persian rug in the room will absorb the energy of these air molecules along with the noise trapped them, dampening the sound.

To benefit from the sound-absorbing qualities of a rug, it’s important that it should be placed in such a way that its edges are about 85mm from the wall. At this distance your Persian rug will offer maximum sound absorption.

Does Hanging Rugs On The Wall Help Soundproof Your Room

Yes, hanging rugs on the wall can help soundproof your room. This may be a particularly good alternative if you have noisy neighbors or you have a noisy household that’s likely to disturb the neighbors.

Your wall rug will absorb the noise vibrations from any sounds instead of transferring them across the wall to or from your neighbor’s home.

This is a more cost-effective and efficient way to soundproof your room when you’re renting an apartment and don’t want to install expensive sound-proofing.

Hanging Rug On The Wall
Hanging Rugs On The Wall Help Soundproof Your Room.

Persian Rugs Reduce Noise From Vibrations Of Walking And Dropped Things

Placing a thick-piled Persian rug is an excellent option when you’re looking for a way to dampen the sound. It may sound like a simplistic solution but the truth is it can make a significant difference in reducing the noise from vibrations of walking or the loud thud of a dropped item.

The pile of the rug will absorb those loud sounds that can otherwise be startling and disturbing.

Adding Persian Rugs In A Hallway Diminishes The Echo In Your Home

Have you noticed that the hallway echoes a lot as you walk into the house or are getting ready to go out? The echoes can be even louder when you’re wearing heels.

The reason the hallway echoes more as compared to the other rooms in the home is because they tend to have less furniture and also they don’t have any curtains. Curtains and furniture, especially upholstered furniture, absorb sounds and mute them to some extent.

However, in the hallway, where there are no curtains or upholstered furniture, sounds bounce off and around the hard wall surfaces and flooring, amplifying the noise and creating an echo.

Placing a Persian rug in the hallways is an easier and more minimalistic way to absorb the sounds and reduce the echoes. It beats cluttering the hallways with unnecessary furniture just to silence the echoes.

Persian Rugs Add A Layer Of Sound Absorption Effectively Quieting A Room

When you’re looking for an easy way to effectively quiet a room, consider adding a colorful Persian rug. It will add a touch of flair to your room while also performing a ‘quiet’ functionality that can make for a more peaceful and harmonious space.

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