How To Extend The Life Of Your Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are generally very durable and stay looking good for several decades. This does not mean you can just leave your rug uncared for. A rug that is not maintained will begin to look worn and will lose its original beauty. Fortunately, all it takes is a little extra attention and care to extend the life of your Oriental rug.

Most Common Rug Problems You’ll Encounter In Oriental Rugs & How to Solve Them

Cats love fringes and anything that dangles. If you have an Oriental rug that you use as a decorative wall hanging, make sure your cat cannot reach the fringe.
  • Shedding – This is more common in newer rugs and is not really a problem. The fibers that shed are just the excess wool bits that are cut off during the rug making process. The shedding will eventually stop. Meanwhile, you can run a vacuum lightly over the rug to pick up those loose wool bits.
  • Fading Color – While a little fading is expected over several years, leaving your Oriental rug exposed to the sun will cause it to fade far too soon. Keeping it away from the sunlight will resolve this problem.
  • Stains & Soiling – Spilled liquids, dropped foods, and mud tracked in with shoes can all stain and soil your rug. While this is inevitable, you can stem the damage and prevent permanent staining by cleaning up spills as quickly as possible.
  • Pulled Loops For pets, Oriental rugs are just perfect for sharpening their claws, pulling out the rug loops in the process. If keeping your pets away from the rug is not possible, one way to even the surface is to trim the loops that are sticking out.
  • Insect Damage – A rug that is not cleaned out regularly can become a breeding ground for moths, dust mites and other critters including carpet beetles. Regular dusting and cleaning is the only way to prevent this from happening.

5 Smart Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Oriental Rugs

Vacuum Your Rug Regularly

Regular vacuuming will remove all the dirt and debris that tends to settle at the bottom of the pile and damage the fibers of the rug. When vacuuming your rug, always put it on a light setting so it lifts the dirt without pulling at the fibers and damaging them.

Treat Spills & Soils Immediately

Dried spills are more difficult to remove and can damage your rug permanently. The best way to prevent this is by treating spills immediately. To do this, take a clean damp cloth and press lightly over the spill. Rinse the cloth and repeat till the area looks completely stain-free.

Always Use a Rug Pad Under Your Rugs

Rug pads act as a protective barrier between the rug and the floor. They hold the rug fast and prevent it from slipping or being pulled in different directions.

Rotate the Rug Regularly

This is particularly important if you have any furniture placed on the rug or if any part of your rug is exposed to direct sunlight. Both of these can cause permanent marks on a rug. By rotating your rug regularly, you will prevent permanent furniture and fade marks from forming.

Get Your Rug Professionally Cleaned Every 3-5 Years

It is almost impossible to clean an Oriental rug thoroughly at home. Professional cleaners use special tools and techniques to clean Oriental rugs so they look as good as new.

It doesn’t take much to maintain an Oriental rug. Just follow these five tips and your Oriental rug will stay looking brand new as you hand it over to the next generation.

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