Peach Rugs

Peach Persian Rugs

Knowing more about the colors and the artistry that is imbued in each Persian rug is a great way to better appreciate the history and culture you’ll be bringing into your home.

That’s especially true with Peach Persian and Oriental Rugs, rugs that feature pinkish-orange dyes in a variety of ways, from combining it with white and burgundy to make more intricate flowers to using it as shading to give depth to the design. The range of peach colors starts from very pinkish to an almost orange shade.

How to style Peach Persian Rugs in your home

Peach is a warm, inviting color all on its own, but to truly understand its composition and its use in your home it’s worth looking a little bit deeper. Composed primarily of pink and yellow, this range of tones offers feelings of peace and stability, an ideal sentiment for a lighter library or a calm bedroom.

If the shade of peach in your Peach Persian Rug leans more toward orange, consider placing it in a social area, a living room, or dining room, where it can contribute to a shared sense of conviviality and cheer.

List of Persian Rug Colors: