Why Designers Love Persian Rugs as Wall Art

Persian rugs are a versatile addition to any home décor. They add color, texture, warmth, and comfort to any room they are placed in.

What’s more, you aren’t limited to using these striking pieces on the floor only. With their rich, vivid colors and elaborate designs, a Persian rug can also double up as fascinating wall art.

Persian Rugs At Home
Persian Rugs Can Double Up as Wall Art.

Benefits Of Hanging Persian Rugs On The Wall

There are some unusual benefits to using Persian rugs as wall art:

Hanging a Persian rug on the wall is a subtle way to show off your creativity and make your own unique style statement.

A Persian rug wall hanging converts a bare, bland wall space into a space that’s bursting with colors and textures, and is absolutely eye catching. It also adds another dimension to the wall.

This is an excellent way to preserve a priceless family heirloom that has bas been in the family for generations. You don’t have to worry about it getting dirty or damaged by people walking over it or spilling drinks or food on it.

Gives the room an exotic look without the huge investment of artwork on canvas.

Persian Rug Hanged In Wall
Never Use Nails Or Sticky Ddhesives For Hanging A Persian Rug On The Wall.

How To Hang Your Persian Rug On The Wall

It’s important to hang your Persian rug on the wall correctly so that you don’t damage it. There are three main ways for hanging rugs on the wall. The right way for you will depend on the weight and size of the rug.

#1. Use a sliding bar. This hangs the rug on the wall like a curtain and because the weight is distributed along the full width, it prevents warping and helps the rug retain its shape.
Sliding Bar
Sliding Bar
Sliding Bar
Sliding Bar Hangs The Rug Like A Curtain.

#2. Use carpet tack strips. These are wooden strips that hold the rug in place. For heavier rugs, adding another strip at the bottom will help support the weight of the rug.

#3. Use Velcro strips. This is more suitable for lighter rugs. With heavier rugs the Velcro may eventually lose its grip and the rug will start to peel away and fall off.

Velcro Strips
Velcro Strips Are Suitable For Hanging Lighter Rugs,

Never use nails or sticky adhesives for hanging a Persian rug on the wall. Both of these will cause permanent damage to the rug.

Where To Hang Your Persian Rug

There are no restrictions as to which room you can hang your Persian rug in. However, some rooms are more suitable than others. Regardless of where you choose to hang your rug, the most important thing to make sure is that you get the right size rug for the wall space that’s available.

Once you decide on a size, try and picture how it will look. If you’re satisfied with the mental image that you’ve formed, then you’ve found the right size for that wall.

Rug Hanged On The Wall
Choose The Right Rug Size To Hang On The Wall.

Consider hanging your Persian rug in these rooms:


A Persian rug on the wall in the entryway is a brilliant idea! It adds a burst of color and warmth as anybody steps indoors and acts as a beautiful ‘welcome home’.

Living Room

Instead of adorning the living room wall with a painting, use a Persian rug instead. It’s a great way to break away from what everyone else is doing and make your own unique sense of style.

Persian Rug Hanged In The Living Room
Persian Rugs Hanged In The Living Room Are Attractive and Are Great Conversation Starters.

Dining Room

No need to spend hundreds on several décor accessories for your dining room. All you need is one Persian rug as wall hanging to elevate the look of your dining room and give it a majestic look.

Beige Isfahan 4' 2" x 6'1" Tree of life Design
A Persian Rug Hanged On The Walls Of Your Dining Room Elevate The Look And Feel of The Room.


Hanging a Persian rug on the wall above the headboard of your bed will give your bedroom a look that’s sophisticated yet cozy and comfortable. Very few other accessories can combine both these contrasting qualities.

Persian Rug Hanged In Tthe Bedroom Wall
Persian Rug Hanged In The Bedroom Walls Make The Room More Cozy.

Things To Consider When Hanging Persian Rugs

There are a few things you must consider in order to make the most of your Persian rug as a wall hanging:

• Decide which wall you want to hang a Persian rug on and measure the available space. Then look for a rug that fits that space well. A rug that’s either too big or too small for the space can ruin the entire look.

• Do not pin or nail rugs directly to the wall. You will have to use sturdy nails that will do irreparable damage to the rug fibers. Besides, if the rug is too heavy, the rug will get pulled downwards and eventually tear.

• Avoid hanging the rug on a wall that gets direct sunlight for long periods of time. This direct exposure to the sun will cause it to fade in patches, ruining its entire look.

• Avoid hanging a rug too close to a heating source, for example, just above the fireplace. The head will cause the rug fibers to become brittle and break easily.

Popular Persian Rugs Sizes To Use As Wall Art

While there are no absolute limits as to what size Persian rug you can use as wall art, some sizes are more popular than others.

The most popular Persian rug sizes to use as wall art range from about 2 x 3 or 2 x 4 to 3 x 5, 4 x 6, and 5 x 7.

These rugs may be pure silk, pure wool or a combination of both and usually with intricate detailing.

Persian Rug Wall Art Display
Pictorial Persian Rugs in The Entrance of Catalina Rug's Showroom
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  1. I have a Feraghan-Sarouk & a Kashan hanging in my living room over a Tabriz (from you) and several Sarouks on the floor !
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