Using Rugs To Silence Your Floors

Oriental rugs do more than just enhance the overall look and feel of your room. In fact, these beautifully decorative items are a wonderful combination of form and function.

Oriental rugs were first primarily made by tribal weavers in the northern Persian regions, an area known for its brutally cold temperatures during the winter. Too poor to invest in ready made woolens, the ingenious nomadic tribal in these regions started weaving rugs from the wool they sheared from their sheep. These rugs were used as saddles for their donkeys when they were traveling from one site to another and they were then used as sheets when they set up camp.

Saddles for donkeys
Bag for Food made of Kilim

Rugs For  Sound  absorbent

From their purely utilitarian origins, they slowly made their way into the western world as decorative items for our homes. Their popularity in home décor surged hugely and oriental rugs are in demand today all over the world, where they are used purely for decorative purposes. It didn’t take long for rug owners to find that the oriental rug that they had bought was more than just ornamental. These rugs actually act as fantastic sound absorbent and are an excellent way to silence your floors. This can be especially useful for anyone living in an apartment or if your house has hardwood flooring.


Silent your home
Using Rugs to Silence your floors


If your home has hardwood flooring, you would know how disturbing it can be when to hear the tap tapping of shoes against the hard wood when somebody is walking around with leather soled shoes or high heels. If you are trying to sleep, study or do some work that requires silence, this can be particularly annoying. But other than asking everyone to just stop walking around, there does not seem to be any other solution.

This is where an oriental rug can be the ideal solution. Because of the way they are constructed, an area rug tends to absorb sounds. This means anyone can stomp, run or jump around and you won’t hear a thing. If you find yourself getting disturbed by the heavy thud-thudding of footsteps, an area rug thrown on the floor will immediately get rid of that for you. Make sure you measure the area that has the heaviest traffic in your home and look for a rug that fits within that space.

Using Kilims for Silent your Floors

The interesting thing about using oriental rugs to silence your floors is that you do not necessarily have to look for the rugs that have the densest knot count or the longest pile. Even kilim rugs, which have no pile at all, work wonderfully well to absorb sounds and reduce the disturbance. The fact that they look good is of course an added bonus.

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