How To Decorate With Persian Rugs In The Summer

The warm sunny days of summer call for a style of décor that’s quite different from the cooler autumn months or the icy cold winter season. While thick, plush, woolen rugs with large patterns and dark colors may look cozy and comfortable in autumn and winter, they may not be the most appropriate to decorate with in summer. Here are a few tips on decorating with Persian rugs in the summer.

Use Bold Colors For A Fresh And Fun Interior

Summer is the time for bold, bright colors. Think colors of the sun in varying hues of yellow and orange. Persian rugs with these colors will bring the bright sunny outdoors into your home. Also consider desert colors such burnt orange, terracotta brown and brownish-red. A Persian rug in any of these hues will add a pop of summer colors in the room, giving it a fun, fresh flair.

Persian rugs in bright summer colors come in a wide range of combinations and patterns. You must give some thought to the choice of colors when picking a brightly colored rug. When choosing one for your home, think about your existing home décor and look for a rug in colors that will complement the color scheme or stand out without clashing.

Choose Subtle Patterns For Neutral Colored Persian Rugs

For summer decorating, aim is to create an feeling of relaxation and leisure.

Bright colors may not the color of choice for everybody. Many homeowners prefer to use neutral shades in their home décor. Some choose to go with neutral colors in all of their furnishings, while others may prefer to choose only their flooring in neutral colors.

When looking for neutral colored Persian rugs, look for pieces that have subtle patterns. They are more appropriate for summer. While neutral colored Persian rugs with bold patterns look fabulous, they create too much distraction and drama and create an illusion of activity. During this season, the aim is to create an feeling of relaxation and leisure, which is exactly what a neutral colored rug Persian rug with subtle patterns will help to create.

Flatweave Rugs Works Best

As summer arrives, it’s time to roll up those long-pile rugs with a plush texture that absorb heat and keep the room warm and cozy. While that’s desirable during winter, summer calls for flat weaves that imbue the room with a fresh, light ambiance. Because flatweave rugs lie flat against the floor with not much thickness, they absorb the coolness from the floor and lower the overall temperature of the room. They also make the room an airier look. You’ll be surprised at the difference between using a thick woolen rug and a thinner flatweave rug. The transformation will leave you awestruck.

Most flatweave rugs are made from wool or cotton, another factor that makes them so appropriate for summer.

No matter what style your home is done up in during the summer, you will be able to find a Persian rug to complement that look and add to that cool fresh ambience is typical of the season.


Here are some Persian rugs that’s perfect for summer home decorating. 

  • Tabriz 9'8" x 12'7"


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