How Your Nursery Rooms Can Benefit From Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Have you considered placing an oriental rug in your nursery room? In all likelihood, it would not have been your first or even your second choice. When most people think of Oriental rugs, they envision large, elaborately patterned, expensive floor pieces that are meant purely for decorative purposes. The fact is, Oriental rugs are more than just decorative. They can be a very practical addition to a nursery room. The key lies in choosing the right type of rug.

Choosing An Oriental Rug For The Nursery Room

Oriental rugs are a very practical addition to a nursery room.

The best Oriental rugs for a nursery are those made from wool or cotton. Rugs made from these materials are soft, providing your baby with a nice comfortable flooring when crawling about.

Most importantly, Oriental rugs are made from all natural materials. No synthetic chemicals or materials are used at any time during the manufacturing process, there’s no need to worry about your baby coming in contact with any type of toxic substance while crawling around the rug.

Wool rugs are also hypoallergenic and have antimicrobial properties. If your child suffers from allergies or asthma, Oriental rugs made from wool are a great choice.

Decorating Tips For Your Nursery

Choose The Right Size Rug

When choosing an Oriental rug for the nursery, it’s best to choose a large size for several reasons. For one thing, it will give your baby a larger, softer space to crawl about in comfortably. A larger rug is also more visually appealing and if you choose one that goes with the rest of the décor in the room, it will give the nursery a more cohesive look.

Play With Patterns

There’s no dearth of patterns when it comes to Oriental rugs. These rugs come in a wide variety of colors and patterns giving you plenty to choose from.

Some things to think about when looking for the right pattern:

  • Choose a rug with patterns that complement the rest of the nursery décor.
  • Don’t be tempted to choose a rug with predominantly pastel colored patterns as these tend to show stains more easily. You want your baby to be able to enjoy his or her space without worrying about how the stains are marring the look of the rug. Darker patterns will hide these stains.

Layer Rugs

Layering rugs in the nursery is a great idea! For practical purposes, multiple rugs provide even more softness and comfort for baby to crawl about. For decorative purposes two, layering rugs add extra colors and texture to the space, making it even more interesting.

When layering, you will be placing the smaller rug on top of the larger rug. Keep this in mind when choosing the rugs. For the larger rug, look for something that has a more decorative border. Having a beautiful central pattern will get hidden by the top layer. The top layer can complement or contrast with the lower layer depending on the look you are trying to achieve. When choosing rugs for layering, give some thought to how they will look together. Rugs that may look great as standalone pieces may be the best choice for layering.


Check out some of our Oriental rugs below. 


  • Tabriz 9'9" x 13'4"

  • Tabriz 9'11" x 12'11"

  • Turkoman 8' 11" x 11'11"

  • Kashan 6'4" x 9'11"

  • Heriz 4'10" x 6'


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