Can Tribal Rugs Fit Into Modern Homes?

Simply put, YES! Tribal rugs are a beautiful design element that can be worked into practically any style of design, especially modern homes.

From their beautiful patterns to their rich cultural history, the high-quality and hand-knotted tribal rug can bring an unmatched level of beauty to your space! They come in a wide range of colors and patterns that can easily fit your personal aesthetic and become a staple piece in your home.

What Elements Can A Tribal Rug Bring Into Your Modern Space?

When we think of the 7 elements of design: space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern. A tribal rug can help to level up almost all of these elements in your modern space. Often modern designs can end up feeling cold and sterile but incorporating a tribal rug can help to infuse the space with depth and interest in the form of texture, color, and pattern.

Bokhara Rug In Hallway
The Unique Colors And Patterns Of Tribal Rugs Can Help Bring The 7 Elements Of Design Into Modern Homes.

Here is what bringing a tribal rug into a modern home can do for your space.


Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than a rug. In a space that is mostly hard flooring a rug is an important aspect of design. Without enough textural elements, a room can end up feeling flat and uninspired. Because of this adding in a new layer of texture through a tribal rug can help to transform the depth and interest in your modern home.

A rug can act to define a space and can even help to accentuate the beauty of your hardwood or tile flooring. The contrast between hard and soft texture can help to enhance the floorings appearance and this can help to lead the eye around the room.

Tribal rugs are made of hand-knotted wool which is a wonderful material to choose for your rugs. Not only is the material high quality and durable but it offers great natural features such as being hypoallergenic, flame retardant and water repellent.

Qashqai 3'5 x 4'10
Qashqai Rug With Geometrical Pattern


Tribal rugs can come in a wide range of color palettes and can easily be incorporated to suit a room’s color scheme or add an interesting pop of color. Color can help to evoke certain emotions in a space and impact the way a person feels within a room. This can range anywhere from energized and excited in a yellow room or calm and relaxed in a blue room. Incorporating a tribal rug in a particular color can help to solidify the feeling you are looking to create in a space.

Whether your space is cool or warm-toned there is a tribal rug design to suit your needs – take a look at these rugs that can help you to bring an element of color into your home.

Warm Tone

Red, burgundy, and yellow tones are very popular choices for tribal rugs. This makes them the perfect choice if you want to incorporate more warm tones into your space.

The Bokhara 2’9 x 10’11 can help to bring in a vibrant and elegant warmth to your home. The red coloring helps to raise the energy of a room and can stimulate the senses. Deep red tones such as this can be a great way to help define a space and make it feel more intimate.

Another great tribal rug option if you are looking for a warm-toned rug, is this shiraz 2’8″ x 9’7″ which has a base of orange tones. The more orangey tones help to give it a welcoming and comforting appearance within a room.

Bokhara 2’9" x 10’11"
Bokhara 2’9 x 10’11

Another great tribal rug option if you are looking for a warm-toned rug is this Shiraz 2’8″ x 9’7″ which has a base of orange tones. The more orangey tones help to give it a welcoming and comforting appearance within a room.

Shiraz 2'8" x 9'7"
Shiraz 2'8" x 9'7"

Neutral Tone

This Bokhara 2’6 x 10’3 is a great example of a neutral-toned rug. While it has small touches of blues and burgundy the light colors make it appear very neutral. This would make it a great fit for a modern home with muted or minimal color and gives off an almost Nordic or Scandinavian home design style. This can create the base for many different colors to be incorporated or to keep a neutral tone throughout. This can help to give the space a light and airy feel.

Bokhara 2’6 x 10’3
Bokhara 2’6 x 10’3

Cool Tone

While not as common, the cool-toned tribal rugs are a beautiful and unique piece that can easily add extra layers of color to your space. This can come in the form of blue and green tones that create a natural and calming appearance. This Bokhara 2’1 x 8’10 is a great choice of a rug that incorporates more cool blue tones.

Bokhara 2'1'' x 8'10''
Blue Colors Can Help Add A Sense Of Calm And Relaxation Into A Space And This Rug Is A Great Way To Incorporate Another Element Into Your Modern Home.

While there is a primary color tone in the rugs, the intricate designs often incorporate multiple colors and mix warm and cool tones. This can help to add new colors into the space or accentuate accent colors. Having a nice balance of warm and cool tones can help to add extra layers of visual interest to the space.


The unique hand-woven designs of tribal rugs create a one-of-a-kind showpiece for your home. Traditionally tribal rugs are made up of various permutations in different color combinations. The tribal weavers were able to memorize the patterns while implementing unique and personal improvisations into the designs. These designs are generally very geometric in nature.

Many modern carpet designs are heavily influenced by these tribal rug designs. This can be seen in the rise of popularity in diamond-patterned and geometric-designed rugs. The longevity of tribal rugs popularity shows how it is a timeless piece that can easily be incorporated into a modern home. Giving you a show-stopping piece that will last through cycling trends and become a staple piece in your home design.

What factor do you think makes the tribal rug such a timeless piece – Is it the rich history, craftsmanship, or something else that has made it a popular piece for so many centuries?

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