Catalina January 2022 Newsletter

🎇Happy New Year!🎇

Welcome to your January News from Catalina...

Announcement 1...

Introducing: The Catalina AR Experience

The AR stands for “Augmented Reality”.

What this means is new Augmented Reality shopping experiences are here.

It’s surprisingly simple, and really, really helpful.

Now you can see up to 40% of the rugs in our collection – at home in the room you have in mind – before you order.

Which makes finding your perfect rug super simple, easy, and convenient.

Discover more about how it works and start seeing rugs inside your home – before you buy – at this link here.

The best part is…

Augmented Reality
View Hundreds Of Rugs Inside Your Home With The Catalina Augmented Reality Shopping

No app is required, just a smartphone.

Augmented reality let’s you enter into a “virtual world”…

… and see any type of rug at home… before you buy.

(This is especially good news if you don’t live close enough to visit our showroom in Torrance, CA.)

So, in just a few minutes from now …

You could be “virtually viewing” …

Dozens of rugs inside your home …

Sizing them up, and matching colors to existing furniture.

Which makes choosing your first or next rug a cinch.

Check out the new “Catalina AR Experience” at this link here.

Announcement 2...

Certificate of Authenticity

We’ve appraised every rug in our store, appropriately, meticulously and fairly…

… and we guarantee authenticity!

What this means is, when you buy with us you get a Certified Authentic Certificate.

certificate of authenticity
Certificate of Authenticity

This certificate is stamped at full retail and market value (even if you’re lucky enough to get it at a lower price).

Your certificate will be used for insurance or resale purposes.

A certificate like this puts your mind at ease in 4 ways.

1. It gives you confidence that you are getting what you paid for.

2. It guarantees you pay a fair market price (sometimes lower).

3. It ensures you get the highest quality rug for your money.

4. It protects your investment should you want to insure or resell your rug.

Having a Certified Authentic Rug is important and valuable…

… and it gives you peace of mind, because you know you’re getting what you paid for…

… a 100% hand-knotted, one-of-a-kind, genuine Persian or Oriental rug, which is why you get a certified authentic certificate with every rug you’ve purchased.

To find the certified authentic rugs you like now and either purchase the ones you want right away (because we only have one of each and sometimes someone else jumps in line and gets the one you want)…

… Or give us a call to learn more about each rug, via video or audio…

…Or book an appointment to visit our showroom (in Torrance, California).

Monthly Showcase...

Featured Client Homes

In this new monthly showcase, we’ll be showing you what one of our rugs looks like… after it has been sold, delivered and rolled out inside one of our client’s homes.

So in addition to the images we have of each rug on sale..

Now you’ll be able to see a variety of photos of different rugs—in different rooms—and see just how magnificent a rug can look once it’s on display at home!

This will really help you get a feel for what a rug might look like in your own home…and once you have yours at home…

You can send us a picture or two—for a chance to be featured in next month’s issue, if you’d like to.

Now, here’s a beautiful Kashan rug inside a master bedroom. (click photo to see more pictures).

Kashan Rug Inside A Master Bedroom
Kashan Rug Inside A Master Bedroom

Seeing this rug rolled out really shows you how good a large room and large rug go together.

Because even though some of the rug is under the bed…

… there’s still plenty of rug to walk-on, plenty of floral design to enjoy, and the thick pile adds just the right amount of warmth – that every bedroom deserves.

Which is why we think you’ll agree this 10’7″ x 14’11” Kashan Rug with floral pattern — makes this room look and feel complete.

To see more client homes and to enter your own photos — for a chance to show off your own rug inside your home in next months’s newsletter, visit this page here.

In the spotlight this month...

New Arrivals

If you’re looking for something a little different in 2022, we have 300+ ways in which we can help.

Because our New Rug Arrivals are in-store now!

These 300+ new rugs have a similar look and feel to Persian, but with a modern or traditional twist.

They are all 100% hand-knotted
Soft & silky
Hard-wearing and durable
The colors complement almost any furniture & decor
And, the designs are world class (but friendly enough not to overpower existing design choices)..

As soon as you see them, you’ll notice the high-quality craftsmanship throughout…

…and see exactly how they bring harmony to any space at home!

So if you like intricate designs, crisp clean lines, and rugs which are both… practical AND dazzling!

Click this link to view all New Rug Arrivals HERE.

*We have less than 300 New Arrivals in-store. Sourced from far & wide and hand-picked by us. So if you see the one you like. Claim it as yours before someone else, because we only have one-of-each rug!

Oushak 6'7'' x 9'10''
Oushak 6'7'' x 9'10''

Visit our showroom from home...

Live Video Call

Did you know that you can visit our showroom from the comfort of your own home?

Video Call With Rose

Simply book your call on our ‘Live Video Scheduling Page‘ – and Rose will host a live call, so you can see the rug you are interested in and get your questions answered.

It’s not quite the same as running your own hand across the smooth piles, and feeling the quality craftsmanship – but it’s the next best thing.

Book your virtual tour – on this page here.

"Pets on Persian Rugs"

Here’s how it works…

If you have a cat, dog, rodent, reptile, pig or other… send us your snaps – and we’ll feature your picture on our website – and add you to the prize draw.

When you send us your picture of your Pet/s on Persian Rugs… you’ll be automatically entered into our competition to win a ‘special discount’ or ‘prize’.

Click here if you’d like to add your submission.

Pet On Persian Rug Entry From A Client
Pet On Persian Rug Entry From A Client

No pets? No problem.

Teddy Bear’s, Garden Gnomes and anything else that could bring a smile will be accepted as valid entries.

Visit Our Showroom

If you’re in the area and would like to book an appointment to visit our showroom in-person…

Inside Catalina Rug's Showroom
Inside Catalina Rug's Showroom

Catalina Rug is located here:

Catalina Rug, Inc.
3415 Fujita St.
Torrance, CA 90505

In case you missed it...

10 Best Persian Rugs For Small Spaces

Bokhara 8'2'' x 10'0''
Bokhara 8'2'' x 10'0''

If you’d like a little help choosing your first or next rug, and you need something on the ‘small side’ this article will help you now.

Read more here…

What Makes Afghan Rugs Unique And Worth Buying

Afghan rugs are different from most other types of Oriental rugs in almost every way. Discover the reasons why at this link here…

Khal Mohammadi 3'3'' x 5'3''
Khal Mohammadi 3'3'' x 5'3''
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