Why Your Home Needs A Hallway Runner?

Placing a rug in the smallest of bare spaces in your room can bring comfort, protection, warmth, and even a touch of whimsy, depending upon the choice of rug and the rest of the décor. One of the places in any home where a rug can make a significant impact is a hallway.

A runner instantly adds color and character to your home. It makes entryways, hallways, and oddly shaped areas at home easy to decorate.

Whether small and narrow or wide open and spacious, hallways get a lot of traffic. They are often one of the most traveled and observed places in a home. Unless you have an unusually narrow hallway or the space is otherwise occupied with an assortment of stuff, it is always a good idea to use a hallway runner. Nearly every home does. Here’s why your home needs a hallway runner and how to choose one that’s right for your space.

Purpose Of A Hallway Runner

A runner protects floors and has been specially designed to fit long, narrow spaces.  Those with hardwood floors know that any rug can provide warmth and color, but the special purpose of a hallway runner is to also provide a little bit of traction and a whole lot of protection for one of the most heavily traveled areas in any home.

Everyone walks down a hallway at some point, whether they need to go to another room, come downstairs, or even just take a quick trip to the bathroom. And if you have even one child, with all their friends in and out of your home, the hallway will quickly become one of the most traveled and used spaces in your home.

A runner can protect, provide warmth, and even a little pop of color in an otherwise drab space. Runners are great for any long, narrow space in a house, and hallways are often the most prominent.

How To Choose A Hallway Runner

As with any rug, make sure you measure the space where it will go. Find a sturdy rug pad cut-to-fit so that the runner will have some traction and even a little “bounce.” Rug pads can also help trap air and keep an otherwise drafty area warmer, and the rug will provide protection and color.

Make sure you choose a rug that can handle high-traffic and hard use. If you choose to go the Oriental route, this is an occasion for the hardiness and warmth of wool.

How much light does the hallway get?  If it is a darker area of the house, light colors and muted designs will help to keep it looking airy and bright. If the hallway gets plenty of light, you can go with any color you chose, from neutrals to bright colors and heavily rugs. Choose colors that are harmonious with the room and decide whether or not you want a “border” of fringe or just let the woodwork get some attention.

What Size Runner Should You Get

The size of the runner depends upon the size of the space. Measure the space and keep in mind any artwork or pieces of furniture that may be located in the hallway. Avoid using a runner that fills every square inch of space. Leaving a little space between the edge and the wall helps to define the space and makes it more visually appealing. No matter what size you choose, make sure you use a rug pad that fits snugly under the runner.

Hallways need special love when it comes to rugs. Make sure you choose a rug that is perfect for your hallway and living situation.



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