How To Fold Your Oriental Rugs

When you own an Oriental rug, you want to spread it out on the floor where you can enjoy its exquisite beauty.  Sometimes, however, you may find yourself in a position where you have no choice but to fold it. This could be if you are moving house, shipping a rug to someone, or keeping it in storage for a while. Whatever the reason, it is important that you use the right techniques for folding your rug so that it does not get damaged in the process.

Following this step by step technique when folding your Oriental rug will ensure that it will stay looking good till the time you are ready to unfold it and use it.

Clean Your Rug

The first step is to clean the rug. A clean rug will not only be easier to fold, roll and store or move, but a clean rug will be a welcome addition to your home when you get to where you’re going. Even if you are folding and rolling the rug to ship to someone, everyone appreciates a nice, clean rug.

Smooth Down The Surface Of The Rug

Smoothening the surface of the rug will keep the fibers flat against the surface, reducing the risk of the fibers breaking. What is important is to make sure that you are smoothening down the fibers in the direction of the nap.

Nap direction refers to the pile surface of the rug. When you run your hand in one direction, if the surface feels rough, you know you are going against the nap. If the surface is smooth, you are rubbing with the nap.

Turn The Rug Over

Turn your rug over so that the pile side is facing the floor. Make sure you lay the rug on a smooth, flat, even surface. Since you just cleaned your rug, make sure the surface you lay it on is clean as well.

Fold the Rug

Ideally, you should roll up your rug into a cylinder instead of folding it. If you do have to fold it, the right way to do it is using the tri-fold method. To do this, fold one end of the rug up so that it touches the middle portion. Do the same thing on the other side. The ends should meet in the middle of the initial, first fold. This method of tri-folding will ensure that your rug does not end up with an ugly crease right down the center.

 Tie Up Your Rug

Some people use twine, but this can be detrimental to the rug’s surface and nap and is best avoided. Instead, it is best to use sturdy fabric strips or soft cotton string to tie the rug. Tie a strip at both ends of the rug. If the rug is large or long, you may need to tie fabric strips at each end, as well as one in the middle to help stabilize the rug.

You can use this method for shipping as well as storage. If you need to store your rug for a while, it may be best to find Kraft paper, which is a brown packing paper that can be used to store artworks and antiques. Do not use plastic, as it will not allow your rug to “breathe” and it may trap moisture. Nothing is worse than a moldy rug.

Using these tips the next time you need to store or move your rug for best results will help your rug remain undamaged during the moving process or while it is in storage.

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How To Fold Your Oriental Rugs
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