Oriental Rugs & Carpets: The Basics

Are you in search of an oriental rug to buy?  There are so many types of oriental rugs in the market today, woven differently, imported from different countries, with unique designs and styles, sizes and antique and machine made.  Before you buy an oriental rug, consider what it will be used for and the style you are looking for as per your décor preferences and choose a rug that meets your requirements perfectly.  Most people know just how beautiful and valuable an oriental rug is but they fail to realize that there is a big difference between different types of rugs.  I will highlight some of the basics of oriental carpets so you know them before making a purchase.

Persian rugs are the most popular name associated with oriental rugs.  Although Persian rugs are oriental rugs, not all oriental rugs are Persian rugs.  Persian rugs are handmade rugs made in Iran.  Some oriental carpets are made in other Asian countries including China, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Pakistan.  There is a wide range of Persian rugs for you to choose from and they come in different designs and even names.  The most popular Persian rug designs today are the Tabriz, Kashan, Heriz, Hamadan, Sarouk, and Frahan.  Persian rugs are in greater demand in the market all over the world because it’s unique properties including thick pile, many rich colors, handmade rugs and sheep wool  of material used to make them.

When looking for handmade Oriental rugs to buy, be careful not to buy machine made knock off that have flooded the market of late.  Just because a rug looks beautiful and sells for cheap does not mean you got a great price, it could be a fake manufactured in some factory with cotton or polyester material.

Most Persian rugs cost more because they are hand-woven using wool, cotton or silk.  In some rugs, these three materials are combined to give a perfectly made Persian rug with obvious signs that it was made by hand such as slightly irregular patterns and uneven edges.The best thing about hand-woven Persian rugs is that they are very durable, unique and the value increases with time because they hand woven.  This is often a great investment for someone who values art.

The quality of oriental rugs often varies with among rugs and this often determines the final selling price.  You should know what characteristics make a genuine Oriental rug to help you determine the value of the rug you intend to buy.