Information about Kazak Rugs

If your in the market for Kazak rugs, there are some interesting facts that you should know about these beautiful rugs.

This week I am discussing Kazak rugs. And I will cover their history, design, colors, and material. This way next time you are rug shopping you will have a clear understanding about Kazak rugs.

History of Hand Knotted Kazak Rugs:

In the 1800’s, Kazak rugs were woven in the Southern region of the “Caucus.” This area falls within modern day Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Today, these  rugs are woven by the Afghan Hazara people in Pakistan. The weavers in Pakistan continue perfecting this legendary rug by utilizing their local materials. These material include Ghazni hand spun wool and natural vegetable dye colors. However, the Pakistani weavers have kept the original geometrical patterns and designs that were created by the weavers  in the Caucus.

Design of Kazak Rugs:

Kazak rugs are known for large-scale geometric patterns that consist of medallions (Up)

or All-Over (Down) design. The images below displays the two different types of Hand Knotted  Kazak rug designs:


Kazak Rugs from Pakistan

 Hand Knotted Kazak Rugs from Pakistan with vegtalbe dyes and hand spun wool



Kazak rugs encompass amazing contrast of colors. These colors usually include:red, blue, ivory, green and brown.

Main Colors for Field Consists of:

Red, Cream, Blue, Green


Here are some examples of the colors discussed above:

Kazak Rug from Pakistan

Hand Knotted Kazak Oriental Rugs

Kazak Rugs from Pakistan

Hand Knotted Kazak  Oriental Rugs


The Kazak Rug’s piles are cut shorter and are stone-washed to give the rug an antique look; hence, these types of rugs feel rather flat and thin. Although relatively thin,  Kazak rugs are very durable, and they’re made with vegetable dye colors and hand-spun wool. The mentioned artistry above is what consists of creating this beautiful rug.
Kazak rugs have approximately 121 to 169 knots per square inch. And when hand-knotted rugs have fewer knots, they come out slightly thicker.

Kazak rugs are available in a variety of rug sizes. The sizes can be from 2′ x 3′ to 12 ft. x 15 ft. or larger can be ordered. The Kazak rugs also exist in various sizes of runners.

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