Information about Tabriz Rugs

Do you want to learn more about Tabriz Rugs? Well this week we are discussing the history, recognition, and design of Hand Knotted Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz is the fifth largest city in Iran, located in the northwestern region near the edge of the Caucasus Mountains. This city once served as the capital of Iran and was home to the crown prince of the Qajar dynasty.

Tabriz rugs are woven in the city of Tabriz and numerous surrounding villages, which have been known as the center of rug weaving for hundreds of years. The city of Tabriz has the biggest range of designs and quality in the whole orient rugs. The weavers there are among the fastest and are identified as highest skilled weavers in Iran. The weaving from this region can vary greatly in quality and for this reason Hand Knotted Tabriz rugs can range anywhere from 50 to 500 knots per square inch.

Here are few general points that identify Tabriz Persian Rugs

1.Tabriz rugs usually have short trimmed piles, so they generally have a lighter feel than other Hand Knotted Persian Rugs

2.They have an extraordinary precision and regularity of the weave. This is partly due to the small metal hook used in tying the knots.

Hook for weaving Tabriz Rugs

3.Tabriz is also known for its exceptionally wide range of colors, including deep reds and midnight blues to pastel ivory and yellows.

Color of Tabirz Rugs

4.The weavers in Tabriz use the Turkish knot instead of the Persian knot, and for this reason Tabriz rugs encompass great consistency and have perfect symmetrical patterns.

Turkish Knot

Tabriz rugs have such a great history and because of this it has embraced a large variety of designs and sizes. Check out some of the designs below and make sure you take a look at our website where we have samples of these designs and sizes mentioned below

Below are some of the Tabriz Rug Designs:

•Herati Design

Herati Design Tabriz Rugs

•Medallion Design

Medallion Desgin Tabriz Rugs

All-Over Floral Design

All Over Floral Desgin Tabriz rugs

•Vase Design

Vase Design

•Hunting Design

Hunting Design Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz Rugs have various sizes, which are from 2 ft. x 3 ft. to 25ft. x 40 ft. and larger. Tabriz rugs are also available in various sizes of runners.

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