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Welcome to your May newsletter from Catalina rugs! We have lots of exciting updates coming this month that we can’t wait to share with you.

This month we have lots of new arrivals, exciting features! So, for all our latest news, keep reading!

New arrivals

Our newest rug arrivals are here, and they are selling fast! With lots of unique colors, patterns, and varieties to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Kazak 8'11 x 12'
Kazak 8'11 x 12'
Kazak 8'11 x 12'
Kazak 8'11 x 12' With Geometric Design

This Kazak 8’11 x 12’ features the most beautiful colors of red, beige and blue. The hand knotted 100% wool pile and cotton foundation offer a high quality Persian rug that is the perfect addition to your collection.

The Oushak 7’10 x 9’9 is a fine oushak rug made of Ghazni wool that is handspun. The sky blue and ivory color palette is calm and relaxing and would make the perfect addition to any space!

Oushak 7'10'' x 9'9''
Oushak 7'10'' x 9'9''
Oushak 7'10'' x 9'9''
Oushak 7'10'' x 9'9'' With Floral Design

Some of our one-of-a-kind designs have already sold out, so act quickly if you see something you like!

Take a look at some of the new arrivals that have already been snapped up!

The Oushak 8’2 x 9’7” and the Bokhara rug 2’6 x 10’3 that has already sold out has a beautiful blue, burgundy, gray and ivory color scheme made from natural vegetable dyes. To find similar rugs you can click here to see similar styles.

Oushak 8'2'' x 9'7''
Oushak 8'2'' x 9'7''
Bokhara 2'6'' x 10'3''
Bokhara 2'6'' x 10'3''

For similar rugs we have available click HERE, before they sell out!

Because our rugs are one of a kind, it is important to act fast to make sure your favorites don’t get sold out before you have the chance to buy them!

Exclusive Mashad Rug

Mashad Rug
Mashad Rug
Mashad Rug in the Living Room
Mashad Rug in the Living Room

This month we will be highlighting a very special Mashad rug from the Saber workshop. While most Mashad rugs have cotton foundations, this one has a silk foundation. Allowing it to maintain its beautiful shape perfectly over 60-70 years!

Mashad Rug From The Saber Workshop

The beautiful one-of-a-kind rug creates symbolic references to the sun and recalls the story of Ra. That is why this month we will be telling you the story of Ra the magnificent.

Ra was the ancient Egyptian god of the sun. He was often depicted as a hawk-headed man with a sun disk on his head. He was believed to be the creator of everything. The Egyptians believed that he traveled across the sky, in his solar boat and thought to bring light and life to the world.

Stay tuned later this month to hear more about the story of Ra and see more details of this amazing Mashad rug!

Refer your interior designer to work with us for seamless designs

Are you an interior designer? or working with a designer? Be sure to refer them to us!

By referring your designer to work with us, you can be confident that they’ll receive the same high level of service that you have come to expect from us.

This program will provide seamless cooperation between your designer to help them outfit your home with unique one-of-a-kind, hand-made rugs that are sure to make a statement.

Persian Rug in the Living Room
Persian Rug in the Living Room

Our rug experts can help your interior designers select the perfect rugs for your space, and we’ll make sure that the process is smooth and easy, and you’ll end up with a beautiful rug that ties your room together!

Persian Runner Rug In The Hallway

Rug Previewer

If you are having a hard time visualizing a rug in your home, this feature is for you! Members of The Hand-Knotted Rug Club have access to the perk of getting the rug(s) that they are interested in photoshopped into a picture of their home

  • Easy to use!
  • Realistic!
  • See before you buy!

Live Video Call

Live Video Call With Rose
Schedule Your Video Call With Rose To See Your Favorite Rugs Live.

Did you know that you can visit our showroom from the comfort of your own home?

Rose will host a live call, so you can see the rug you are interested in and get your questions answered.

It’s not quite the same as running your own hand across the smooth piles, and feeling the quality craftsmanship – but it’s the next best thing.

Book your virtual tour.

Pets on Rugs

If you have a cat, dog, rodent, reptile, or pig send us your pictures to be featured on our website and be added to our prize draw.

Pets on Persian Rugs
Client Photo For Pets on Persian Rugs

Send in a picture of your pet on a Persian rug to be entered into our contest to win a special discount or prize!

No pets – no problems!

Teddy bears, garden gnomes or anything else that could bring a smile will be accepted as a valid entry!

Talk soon


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