Decorating Mid-Century Modern Style With Persian Rugs

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Mid-century modern designs have been making a huge comeback in popularity over the past few years.

What do you think of when you hear mid-century modern? Sleek, minimalist linesRetro designs … or, maybe even the Jetsons or madmen. Whatever it brings to mind, there’s no denying that mid-century modern designs are having a moment!

If you want to learn more this article will take you through the iconic looks of the style and how to recreate it in your home. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of retro style to your house or just to gain some insights on the style, keep reading!

How To Style

Mid-century design style reflects the modernity of the 20th century, rejecting the frillier designs of previous generations, mid-century focuses on straightforward and functional designs.

When it comes to decorating your home in a mid-century style, there are several key principals to keep in mind. For one thing, this style typically features clean and simple lines, with furniture that has simple shapes and is made from natural materials like wood or metals.

Additionally, mid century modern design tends to favor bold pops of color and graphic patterns. So, it is a great idea to incorporate brightly colored accessories or bold geometric prints into your décor.

Geometric Patterns And Natural Materials Are Key Elements Of Mid-Century Modern Styling.

Finally, remember that texture plays a huge role in the mid-century modern design. Incorporating natural materials into your space, such as stone or wood floors, can help to add interest and warmth to the overall look.

With these tips in mind, it should be easy to create a stylish and welcoming home in a mid-century modern style.

Key Features:

  • Simplicity and simple forms
  • Geometric Patterns
  • Natural materials with bold pops of color
Mid-Century Modern Style Favors Warm Neutrals.

Color Palettes

Mid-century modern designs are all about functionality, simplicity, and clean line. So, it’s no wonder that the color palettes of this time period reflect that.

Mid-Century Color Palette
Mid-Century Color Palette

Warm natural materials played a huge part in the design style and because of this the color palette of the time carried this across all aspects.

Ochres, browns, soft whites, and warm neutrals with pops of reds or greens are some of the colors you think of when you see a mid-century design.

History Of Mid-Century Style

Mid-century modern design evolved in response to a post World War II environment, Designers and architects were eager to develop new ideas that married the mass production and technology invented during the first half of the 20th century with a more optimistic outlook for the future” – Designer Liza Kuhn

Mid-century design style originated during the mid-20th century and was heavily influenced by the trends of the times. Accommodating daily life, and the needs of people in the middle of the 20th century. Life was centered around the idea of maintaining a nuclear family and the popular design style accentuated that lifestyle.

Popular designers of the mid-20th century are still relevant today. Names like Eames, Eero Saarinen, and Mies Van Der Rohe are frequently discussed, and their designs are still used today. For example, the Eames chair is one of the first pieces that come to mind when you think of mid-century modern furniture.

The material of the chair offers a wood grain look and natural leather with metal finishes. It has been said to be designed to imitate the “warm receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt”.

The idea of form and function is embraced fully by the Eames chair making it one of the most iconic furniture pieces from the mid-century modern style.

Mid-Century Style Is A Popular Choice In Interior Design.

Architect Richard Neutra is often considered the earliest proponent of the Mid-century style. He created the ground-breaking Casa Del Mare in 1925, which featured many of the hallmarks that would become defining features of mid-century modern designs.

As the mid-century modern style gained popularity during the 1950s, the style began appearing in all types of spaces including homes, offices, cars, and fashion design. Even today it remains a popular choice in interior design and continues to inspire generations of artists and designers.

The Architecture of Richard Neutra
The Architecture of Richard Neutra

Similar Styles

One popular interior decorating style that has its roots in the mid-century style is Scandinavian design. This aesthetic is also characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on natural materials. Like the mid-century modern design, the Scandinavian style celebrates simplicity and functionality. However, it also incorporates elements of nature, such as wood furniture and stone accents.

As a result, Scandinavian interiors tend to have a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you are looking for an interior decorating style that is mid-century modern, Scandinavian is a great option to consider!

Like The Mid-Century Style, Scandinavian Interiors Feature Simplicity And Functionality.

Rugs To Complement The Style

Mid Century Modern design is all about simplicity and functionality. When choosing a rug look for one with a geometric or abstract pattern. Bold colors are typically used in mid-century modern design, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues. If you’re not sure where to start, try adding a rug to your living room or dining room.

Check out these great options for bringing in a Persian rug into your mid-century modern space!

Kazak 8'0'' x 9'8''
Kazak 8'0'' x 9'8''

This Kazak 8’0 x 9’8 is a great option for brining in a geometric pattern into your space. It is an excellent choice for your mid-century space and can coordinate with the color scheme of mid-century while bringing in a colorful pop that is a trademark of this style.

The mix of blue and rust tones makes this rug an extremely versatile piece that can suit a mix of warm or cool color combinations.

Kazak 5'5" x 8'
Kazak 5'5" x 8'

This Kazak 5’5 x 8’ is a beautiful hand knotted Persian rug with 100% wool pile and cotton foundation. The geometric pattern is primarily made up of the main color red, beige and blue. Which is another great option to bring warmth, a geometric pattern, and a pop of color into your mid-century modern home.

Quchan Kurdi 3'10" x 5'1
Quchan Kurdi 3'10" x 5'1

This Quchan Kurdi 3’10 x 5’1 would be an amazing addition to a mid-century modern room. The unique geometric pattern offers a lovely amount of warmth that would compliment the natural materials that are popular for mid-century designs.

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  1. IMHO: Patterned Persian rugs are contraindicated to most Mid Century design as they melt line design definition and are marginally rescued by wood Danish furniture or natural hardscapes such as stone/brick. They might survive in the broader “Hygge” use but die a painful death in “Atomic” and many “Brutalist” uses…

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