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Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time for your March newsletter from Catalina! There are lots of exciting things coming up this month, that we want to share with you.

So be sure to read on to find out what’s new this month!

New Handmade Gifts from Oaxaca

We are offering an exciting new gift this month!

The gifts are handmade woven coasters, these one-of-a-kind pieces are made by artisans in small villages in Oaxaca. These gifts are designed to celebrate the heart and soul that goes into every product and the people who make them!

We want to focus on supporting makers and artisans, as they are the people who make a community a unique and beautiful place!

The Garden of Eden

This month we will be bringing you a Tabriz Museum Rug that is a true work of art!

Tabriz 11'7" x 17'6"
Tabriz 11'7" x 17'6"

The majestic floral medallion in the center tells the mysterious story of the garden of Eden, and we will be bringing you more information on its history and this exciting story later this month!

This piece is a great find for rug collectors you won’t want to miss out on so keep an eye on your email for more information about this beautiful piece!

The Catalina AR Experience

*Update: 75% of rugs in our collection are now available to view in our Catalina AR Experience!*

It is easy and convenient, with no app required! All you need is a smartphone.

The Catalina AR Experience
The Catalina AR Experience

Monthly Showcase…

Featured Client Homes

What is a rug without its surroundings?

We’re going to show you what some of our favorite rugs look like after they have been delivered. Giving you the inside look at where these beautiful pieces find their homes and how magnificent a rug can look once it’s displayed in your space!

This month we are looking at three beautiful rugs:

The Classy Kashmar Rug

No word can justify the classiness and beauty of this room with the Kashmar as the main anchor. Every color, detail, curve are just…perfect.

Kashmar 9'11" x 12'8"
Kashmar 9'11" x 12'8"

This beautiful Bakhtyari rug

The intricate pattern is brought to life by the complementary color scheme. The Bakhtyari looks perfect with the contemporary décor!

The 7’1”x10’5” is the perfect size to frame the living room space and define the room.

Bakhtyari 7'1" x 10'5"
Bakhtyari 7'1" x 10'5"

And this Tabriz rug

This Tabriz rug in the 2’8 x 11’4 is the perfect hallway runner. Adding a touch of elegance and design into the space.

Seeing these rugs in their new home shows just how beautiful they are. Hopefully, it can inspire others on how to style their rugs, and show how perfectly they can fit into your home!

Tabriz 2'8" x 11'4"
Tabriz 2'8" x 11'4"

This month’s featured client is Richard Scott Waid., a long-time rug collector with a great appreciation for the hand-woven craftsmanship of Persian rugs – and he shared with us his thoughts and tips on rug collecting —

What inspired you to begin your Persian rug collection?

“I think these rugs are amazing works of art that sometimes take over a year or more to create. I think they add life to any room and they possess a unique charm that nothing comes close to matching.”

What particular selection criteria do you have when buying a rug? Please share your tips and tricks with other rug enthusiasts.

“My first criteria is a handmade rug. I tend to collect rugs that are more traditional in style and exhibit excellent craftsmanship with detailed, symmetrical and well-defined designs. Higher knot count tends to go hand in hand with sharp detailed designs, but I don’t necessarily decide on knot count alone. I also like Gabbeh rugs, but if I am buying a Gabbeh, I try to find one that is unusual and of great quality.”

For more reflections on rug collecting from Richard, Click here!

To see more client homes and enter your own photos – for a chance to show off your own rug inside your home in next months’ newsletter, visit this page.

New Arrivals

This is an exciting month for new arrivals! We have lots of incoming Kazak rugs that will fit perfectly into your home.

These rugs are one of a kind, hand-knotted with handspun wool made with vegetable dyes. Here, in some of our new arrivals you can see the bold geometric motifs that are characteristic to the style.

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Tabriz 11'7" x 17'6"
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