Catalina April 2022 Newsletter

We hope you are enjoying the beginning of Spring!

This month we have a lot of new and exciting updates to share with you, so read on to see what’s new!

The Hand-Knotted Rug Club

To say thank you to all our valued customers we have begun a new loyalty program called the Hand-Knotted Rug Club! This is our way of showing you how much we appreciate you. With every purchase you make you will now gain “knots” which are points towards exciting rewards in our loyalty program!

We have 4 tiers with progressively more benefits to enjoy!

Some of these valuable benefits are –

  • Personalized Rug Recommendations
  • Access to an Exclusive Collection
  • Extended Returns
  • Free Rug Padding

Check out all the benefits HERE!

Want to Join?

You will be automatically enrolled into the loyalty program when you make a purchase! You will receive an email with all the information on your membership and its benefits.

Persian New Year

On March 20th we celebrated Nowruz also known as the Persian New Year!

Persian New Year
The Persian New Year Is Also Known As Nowruz.

Persian New Year marks the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The exact time of when the sun crosses the celestial equator which is the time that day and night equalize is calculated and traditionally, families gather together to observe the traditions.

To celebrate the holiday people often prepare by cleaning their homes, buying flowers such as tulips and hyacinth. On the day, families and friends gather with traditional foods and prepare a haft-sin table.

The Haft-sin table is set with specific items that family members gather around for the equinox. The traditional items that are set are wheat, wheat germ pudding, oleaster, vinegar, apple, garlic, and sumac. Other items that traditionally accompany haft-sin are a mirror, candles, painted eggs, and traditional Persian confections.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the New Year and got to celebrate with family and friends!

Featured Rug of The Month

Kashan 8'10" x 10'7"
Kashan 8'10" x 10'7"

This month we are highlighting an 8’10” x 10’7” Kashan rug with its signature diamond-shaped pattern. The intricate pattern on this rug is highlighted by its short clipping and high-knot count, 256KPSI. Taking a total of 11,964 hours to weave!

Think about sitting down to draw for an hour, imagine the dedication and intricate details that are taken with a design that has taken almost 12,000 hours!

Later this month we will be telling the story of this rug. Providing a greater look into what theme can represent and the joy and peace that it can bring into your home.

Whose home is featuring this month?

A rug’s true beauty is best seen when it is placed within a home, and that is why we are featuring some of our favorite rugs in their homes! To show you what these rugs can look like once they have been delivered.

If you have purchased a rug from us, send in your pictures for a chance to be featured in next months newsletter!

This month we are featuring two beautiful rugs that have found their home in an amazing surrounding, thanks to Edward P. who has been collecting rugs for the past 20 years.

Moud Mashad 6'8 x 9'9
Moud Mashad 6'8 x 9'9
Featured Client Home Photo
Featured Client Home

And how it has been so beautifully incorporated into this modern living room. The color contrast of the warm and cool tones creates a dynamic and inviting space that is well balanced.

The other rug is a Kashan 11’ x 15’5”, which has also found its home with Edward. Take a look at this lovely 100% wool rug with cotton foundation. The perfect combination for a living room.

The rug compliments the contemporary look flawlessly, emphasizing the luxurious feeling of the room. See how it looks here. 

Kashan 11’ x 15’5”
Kashan 11’ x 15’5”

These beautiful pieces have found their new home thanks to Edward P. a collector who was drawn to the artistic craftsmanship of the weavers.

We asked Edward how he selects a rug and what tips he has for others who are interested in buying a rug or becoming collectors and his advice was –

“I want a rug that is artistic, durable and reflects the craftmanship of the weaver. I want something that stands out in terms of color, complexity and design. It has to be a rug that gets your attention. I don’t want a rug that is only black and red. Color is very important. That’s why I look for a true Persian rug. You see the quality, the workmanship. The artistic design is there whether it’s a Sarouk or a Heriz. The style reflects the preferences of the area where it was woven. Each rug has it’s own personality.”

For the rest of out interview with Edward click Here

New Arrivals

This month we are adding hundreds of new rugs to our collections!

We are adding hand-woven pieces that are perfect for anyone – collectors and first-time buyers! These pieces will be perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your home.

We have lots of Kazak rugs that have recently been added to our collection – Check out some of these great finds here

Kazak 8'6'' x 13'10''
Kazak 8'6'' x 13'10''
Kazak 3'11 x 5'8
Kazak 3'11 x 5'8
Kazak 3'1 x 4'10
Kazak 3'1 x 4'10

These rugs are hand-knotted with 100% wool pile and cotton foundations. The intricate geometric designs are created using vegetable dyes such as cochineal and indigo which add to their dramatic and vibrant appearance.

The patterns of these Kazak rugs adhere to traditional design elements, such as geometric medallions, rosettes, and hooked polygons created in a stylized manner with new dimensions.

Stay tuned for all of our new rugs arriving this month and in the meantime check out all of our new arrivals

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Persian New Year
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