Oriental Rugs For Round And Oval Dining Tables

Placing an Oriental rug under your dining table gives the entire room a timeless look that everyone loves. This is one of the best and simplest designer ideas you can implement when you want to add color and character to your dining room. The key to achieving a great look is to make sure that you choose the right shape and size of rug for your dining table.

Two Important Things To Consider When Choosing An Oriental Rug For Your Dining Table

  1. It is always advisable to choose a rug that complements the shape as your dining room table. Place a round rug under your round dining table and an oval or rectangular rug under your oval dining table.
  2. The rug should be large enough that all the hind legs of the dining room chairs fit on the rug when everybody sits around the table. If the rug is too small and the hind legs are off the table, the chair will wobble as you sit at the table.
Low pile rugs are the practical choice in the dining room. Make sure the chairs are still accommodated by the rug when pulled out and away from the table.

In this article, we’ll discuss rug options for round and oval tables and walk you through how to find the right size rug for the table you have.

Rugs For Round Tables

Measure your table with all the leaves in it, if it has any. A 42-inch round table looks best with a 6-foot round rug. A 48-inch table looks good with an 8-foot rug, and anything larger looks stunning with a 9-foot rug underneath.

If you choose to break with tradition and choose a rectangular rug that fits the table and all the chairs around it, make sure the length and width are enough to hold all chairs on the rug.

Rugs For Oval Tables

Oval tables are more likely to need extra leaves for large crowds, so be sure to measure with all its leaves in place, even if you don’t think you’ll ever use them all.

The best rug shapes for an oval table are oval and rectangular – never round. Why a rectangle? The shape mimics the oval, and the oval shape itself can soften the corners of the rug, giving a harmonious flair to your dining room. As always, make sure all the chair legs will fit onto the rug when the chairs are pulled out.

How To Find The Right Rug Size For Your Table

The most important thing is to measure your table with the chairs pulled out and with the chairs pulled in, as if someone was sitting down to eat. Take into account any other furniture in the room, such as china cabinets, curios, or extra chairs that may be in the room, but not used at the table. You want to find a rug that’s large enough to hold all chairs but not that large that it takes over the whole room.

Keep the overall color scheme and furniture style in mind – furniture that is heavy, dark and classic should have a rug that reflects this as well, rather than anything “exotic” or “quirky.”

Keep in mind that with both, round and oval tables, the center of the rug will not be as visible. When looking for a rug for your dining table it is more important to find a rug with a border that you absolutely love as this is the part that will impact the look of the entire room.





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