Mashad Runner From Astan Ghots


Fascinating Mashad Runner ID 75457

Oriental runner rugs with size dimensions of 8’2″ x 30’6″are very rare but that’s only one of the many features that make this Mashad rug unique.

The Makers Of Mashad Rugs

The rug bears the Astan Ghots signature, which a testament to its exceptional quality. This is a reputed rug-manufacturing company that was established a few years after the revolution.

Located in the Mashad region, the board of directors of the company does not earn a salary for the work they do. Their work is completely gratis and driven purely by their passion for rug making. This honorary board of directors take their love for the rug industry one step further by ensuring that their artists and weavers are well looked after, with higher-than-average salaries and a host of attractive benefits.

The result of such generosity can be seen in the high quality of the rugs that come out of these workshops. Everyone, from the top management down to the artisans, work in complete harmony to ensure that every piece that leaves their workshop is perfect in every way!

Runner From AStan Ghots

This Mashad runner rug features a mesmerizing field of dark brown and red floral motifs intertwined with brown vines against a charming beige field.  This same pattern runs beautifully through the entire length of the runner and is enclosed by a darker colored border that measures the same on all four sides.

It took a total time of 1656 days 14904 hours to complete this rug with a knot density of approximately 256 KPSI. The 100% wool pile is knotted onto a foundation of cotton. This Mashad rug is relatively new and is in excellent condition.


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