Make Your Persian Rug a Star

The press continues to gush over the current revival in Persian rug and handmade rug-driven decorating. The latest is this article describing how many of the nation’s foremost designers have begun to think of gorgeous rugs as the centerpiece and thematic touchstone of their work:

What draws lots of attention in today’s well-designed room? A gorgeous rug! It can add comfort underfoot as well as color, pattern and texture, and can “pull together” all the fabrics, accessories and even the artwork.

But a rug doesn’t always have to play a supporting role – it can be the star attraction.

That last phrase is the one that caught our eye. As exclusive importers of Oriental and Persian rugs, we are proud to offer a number of items designed expressly to play the headliner in any room. From vast palace rugs to our diminutive runners, the Catalina Rug inventory is distinguished by dazzling patterns and colors which cannot help but inspire the decorator in all of us.

Are you putting together a new room? Grab a palette and a visual vocabulary from our vast selection of beautiful Oriental rugs. To get inspired this very second, click here and begin sliding through some stunning images of our singular imported carpet inventory.

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