Get the Best Hand Knotted Rug

As one of the nation’s best known hand knotted-rugs Stores, we get asked fairly often about the buying process. Many of our clients have righty pointed out that the visual details of Oriental handmade rugs can be difficult to decipher, and that understanding what makes a quality rug can require many years of study.

We’re here to help.

How to Identify a Great Handmade Rug

A good hand knotted rug is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, of course—some customers prefer geometric designs, some floral, with or without medallion, and so on. But there are a few easy ways to distinguish true quality from its pretenders. These include:

  • Feeling the pile and checking the materials by hand – softer is better
  • Checking the back of the rug to see if it was hand-knotted or machine manufactured
  • Examining the fringe for signs that it was tacked on instead of knotted
  • Manipulating the rug: it should be pliant and smooth, with no cracking sounds

In the end, the best way to spot a good handmade rug is to ask questions, look closely, and work with an expert rug vendor who understands everything about the design and manufacture of these timeless collector’s items.

To get started today with a handmade rug selection like no other, we urge to you to browse our vast inventory.

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