Choosing an Oriental Rug

When you are the owner of a handmade Oriental rug you possess a beautiful piece of art steeped in rich history. That is why many want to possess authentic hand knotted Oriental rugs. Types, sizes and colors of rugs can be very diverse. For instance, Oriental rugs vary in size, color and shape depending on the district they are made in and who they are made by. The quality of an Oriental rug is often determined by the kind of wool that it is made with, the pattern on it, the regularity of the patterns and the dye that is used. When shopping for the perfect handmade rug consumers should consider the color they would prefer, the size that will be most aesthetically pleasing to their space, how it will blend with other décor and what will fit within their budget,


At Catalina Rug, Inc. we realize that making all of these decisions can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming. Our professional and experienced staff is here to answer all of your questions about the rug purchasing process so that you buy a beautiful rug that perfectly suits your personality and home with peace of mind. We always assure our valued customers that our Oriental hand-knotted rugs are of the highest quality and craftsmanship, and even professionally wrap and ship them so that they arrive in the best condition. Be sure to call or visit us today to find out more information about our beautiful Oriental rugs at Catalina Rug, Inc. We can’t wait to help you find the rug that is just the right fit you!


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