Persian Rugs: Quick Overview

Aside from being a beautiful addition to your home, Persian rugs are steeped in culture and art. Did you know that carpet weaving was one of the most notable crafts in ancient Persia with some evidence suggesting that it dates all the way back to 500 B.C?

As you may know, weaving rugs is a long and detailed process that can take anywhere from a couple months to a few years to complete the entire rug by hand. Experts have classified the ornate designs on Persian carpets into 19 primary groups that including historic monuments and buildings as well as floral patterns.

A Persian rug can be categorized into three groups with respect to size. Large, medium and small sized rugs.The term large rug, can be used for any carpet that is larger than 6x4ft, while small rug is used for anything smaller than 6x4ft .

There is also another type of Persian carpet that is popular around the globe and that is called Kilim. Kilim could be referred to both pile rugs and flat weaves and may come in various sizes.

Although rug production has become largely mechanized the traditional hand woven carpets can still be found around the world and are touted for their intricate detail, fine craftsmanship and for their ability to be a long-lasting artful masterpiece.

Handmade Persian Rug

At Catalina Rug, Inc. we strive to inform our wonderful customers of the value and craftsmanship behind a hand knotted rug. When you become the owner of an authentic handmade Persian rug you are not just receiving a beautiful addition to your home but a piece of long lasting art filled with tradition and history. At Catalina Rug, INC. we use our expertise to bring our clients the highest quality and most beautiful rugs that are sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

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