How To Avoid Getting Moths In Your Persian Rug

The all-natural materials that Persian rugs are made of, act as magnets for moths. Not only do moths love to feed on the wool and dye, but they also lay eggs in the pile. These moths and their larvae can do untold damage to your rug over a period of time, which can be expensive to restore. The best way to prevent this from happening is to take the proper precautions to avoid moth infestation in the first place.

Signs That Your Rug Is Attacked By Moths

As moths and their larvae nibble away at the pile of the rug, the areas that are affected will start to look bald or bare. Most rug owners realize that their rug is infested with moths only after they see these bald spots. However, by this time, extensive damage has already been done to the rug.


Another sign of moth infestation is seeing the eggs or larva on the underside of the rug. Female moths very rarely lay their eggs on the top surface of the rug. They tend to look for dark, damp places to lay their eggs. The underside of a rug provides the darkness and the dampness that they need. Moth eggs or larva on the underside of the rug is another common sign of moth infestation.

If you see moths flying around near your rug, you must lift up the rug and look for signs of a larva. Adult moths may not feed on wool but their larva will chew their way through the wool fibers of your rug relatively quickly. Moths hovering around your rug may be a sign that they are looking for a nesting place or that they have already laid their eggs. You must check immediately and take the appropriate steps before more damage is done.

How To Prevent Moth Infestation

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to prevent moth infestation. Here are a few things you can do to prevent those nasty moths from destroying your investment.

  • Inspect the underside of your rug regularly for larva and bare spots.
  • If some parts of the rug are in a dark area such as under the sofa, rotate the rug regularly so that all areas are exposed to light.
  • Vacuum the top and underside of the rug regularly. Not only will vacuuming suck up the eggs but it will also remove all dirt and dust particles embedded in the fibers that act as added attraction to moths.
  • Take the rug out and beat it to dislodge the dirt, dust, and eggs from within the wool fibers. Make sure you do it the right away or you could damage your rug even further.

The single most important thing you can do to prevent moth infestation is to get your rug professionally cleaned. Professional cleaners will do a thorough job of cleaning your rug and removing all signs of infestation without causing any more damage to the rug. They will use the right techniques and right cleaning materials so that all dirt and eggs are dislodged and removed from the rug’s wool fibers while taking care that the rug stays completely undamaged.

Some professional cleaners also do rug restoration. If your rug has already been damaged by moths, you should consider getting it cleaned by a professional who will also repair the rug after cleaning it.



One thought on “How To Avoid Getting Moths In Your Persian Rug

  1. Hi there.
    I have some moth infestation problem with my persian carpet. before I put the carpet away for a year or two.
    what should I do in order to prevent carpet being destroyed by moth again.
    I was told that I should vacuum back and forth the carpet., then spraying white vinegar and hard brush and let dry.
    this should be sufficient to prevent moths eating my carpet.
    I would like to have your expert opinion.
    thanking you in advance.

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