5 Reasons Why People Buy Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs have several fabulous characteristics that make them so desirable, from their fabulous patterns and lovely colors to their unparalleled durability. The fact that each rug is entirely hand-woven and one-of-a-kind only add to the allure. Unlike their modern, machine-made counterparts, handmade oriental rugs can last for several generations and their value only increases with time.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Oriental Rug

If you are planning on buying a rug but are not sure whether or not it is worth it, take a look at 5 reasons why Oriental rugs are worth the investment.

They Have A Style That Is Ageless And Inimitable

When you buy an oriental rug, you know you have a unique piece of art that will never go out of style. In the remote villages in Iran, the art of weaving is not taught in any school. Instead, it is an art form that is handed down from one generation to the next. This is why every village has its own distinct style, which is different from the weaving style of the other villages. With every rug woven painstakingly by hand, it is impossible to find two rugs that are exactly the same.

They Are Versatile

Oriental rugs come in an endless array of sizes, patterns, designs and colors. Somewhere, you can be sure that there is a rug that is just perfect for any room, no matter how big or small or no matter the existing décor style. Moreover, their colors and designs are such that they can be used in any room. You can find soft, pastel oriental rugs for the bedroom, bright floral patterns for the kitchen or elaborate Shash Abbassi designs for the living room. There’s something for everyone and every room too.

Maintenance Is Not Overly Tedious

Maintaining an area rug is fairly simple. A light vacuuming done regularly will help get rid of the dust and debris that can bury itself into the pile and damage the fibers of the rug. A professional cleaning once or twice a year will help to keep your rug looking fresh and clean without any damage.

They Are Durable

Oriental rug owners take great pride in handing down their priceless possession to the next generation. This is because the rugs are handmade using materials that make them tough, flexible and long lasting.  All it takes is a little care and these rugs will last a lifetime.

They Are Worth The Investment

Oriental rugs may be quite expensive but when you consider that these rugs can last a lifetime, it is well worth it. What’s even more interesting to know is that unlike many other possessions that lose their value with time, the value of an oriental rug increases with age. Of course, you have to make sure that it is well after so that it does not get damaged in any way.

Are they worth the investment? Absolutely!