Part 2 – Lesson – WOW!

This is part of our Ultimate Rug Purchasing Lesson Part 2 Series:

  1. Persian Rug Colors
  2. Persian Rug Shapes
  3. Persian Rug Sizes
  4. Persian Rug Designs & Patterns
  5. Persian Rug Prices
  6. WOW!😮

This is the last ‘checkpoint’ in our guide, although it could easily be the first.

Because sometimes the things we buy for our home are not only practical, luxurious and elegant…

… sometimes we just ‘have to have it’, the item just ‘speaks to us’.

It’s almost as if the thing has OUR name on it…

And it’s ‘something’… we can’t quite articulate, but… we FEEL IT.

It has what the french call: “Je ne sais quoi” – which basically means:

It’s hard to put into words how special I think this is… but, I like it, a LOT.

And this phenomenon applies to rugs too.

Sometimes you’ll see a rug and you’ll instantly know this is ‘the one’. You don’t know why but it just makes you say:
Wow! 😍

Other times: you’ll have a choice of your favorite 3 and the only way to decide…is to feel…intuitively into making the decision.

So this part of the checklist guide could be first or last.

Because gut feeling is a good barometer to use in a lot of areas in life, rug shopping included.

So next time you’re about to purchase something, ask yourself if it has practical utility and if it makes you feel something positive too.

If it does, chances are you’re picking the right product.

But remember your rug size and color checkpoints. Gut feeling has to have practical application too. 😉

And this my friend is:
The end of Part II.
From all of us at Catalina Rug… We sincerely hope this information helps you…
Pick your perfect Persian or Oriental Rug (on your first try).
Thanks for taking this journey with us. Good Luck! ☘
Talk soon,


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