Part 2 – Lesson [5 of 5] – Persian Rug Prices

On the most basic level, the cost or value of a rug is determined by what you (or the market) are willing to pay for it.

For example: The highest price ever paid for a rug was $33 Million, when a 17th Century Antique Persian Carpet was sold at Sotheby’s.

Of course, one doesn’t have to pay prices like that to enjoy the beauty of these ‘Magic Carpets’ at home.

Perhaps you have a price in mind or maybe you don’t.

Maybe you have a budget, or maybe you’ll pay what you think you can afford and a little bit more because you found the EXACT rug you want.

The best thing you can do is to find a reputable rug dealer who has done all the hard work for you.

Someone who has valued each rug, and gives you the price upfront.

So you know exactly what you’re getting.

That’s why buying a Persian or Oriental Rug online is advantageous.

Essentially, what you see is what you get and oftentimes…

… you’ll get a nice surprise when you unroll your rug and see it at home for the very first time…

Because there’s nothing quite like a 100% hand-knotted, wool & silk, Persian & Oriental Rug.

What makes a rug so expensive compared to one that looks similar?

Well, it’s a combination of everything we’re looking at inside this guide.

And since some rugs can take 8+ years to make, and that a rug made 80 years ago has more prestige than one made last week…

Especially when it’s a signed rug, made by a famous rug artisan family…

That literally weaves their family signature into the rug to guarantee its authenticity…

… then you can see why the price range does vary.

This is the penultimate message, which means soon you’ll be ready to pick the perfect Persian Rug on your first try…

But not until you’ve read the last message. 😉
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