Part 2 – Lesson [1 of 5] – Persian Rug Colors

It’s almost impossible to recreate the natural colors used in a Persian or Oriental Rug.

Which is why they are so popular with interior designers, proud homeowners and anyone with a keen eye for detail and love for the finer things in life.

But what color should you choose…

Bold or Subtle? That is the question.

To start, let’s look at interior design through the lens of a designer and see if they can shed any light on the subject.

You see, when a professional interior designer is looking at a blank canvas, they’ll often start the design process with the rug. As step one.

After all, the right rug is the heart & soul of a room.

Which is why all the other elements (color, texture, materials etc) are usually chosen by a designer after the rug is selected.

But that is a scenario that is often only available to new homeowners, or if you are willing to redecorate your room to accommodate your new rug purchase.

So where do you start?

Well, as you might expect, when choosing your rug, you’ll treat it similarly to picking a wall color.

If you have dark walls and furniture, then a light color rug would be the ideal color contrast, otherwise your room will feel smaller.

If you have light walls and light furniture, then a darker, richer color rug would suit much better.

Essentially, if you’re not starting from scratch then a rug should probably complement the furniture you already have.

Begin with the color of your largest piece of furniture and picture a few different colors that would work well with it.

For inspiration, look at the color of your cushions, which will help show you 1) what colors you already like and 2) what color rug would complement your existing design.

You could write down all the colors in the room you have in mind for your rug including the walls, cushions, throws, plants, light fittings etc. Because this is your color scheme.

Remember that darker colors are a great choice if your rug will be in a high-foot-traffic area, such as an entrance way, hallway or busy living room.

Work with what you have or redecorate the whole room to celebrate your perfect Persian or Oriental Rug.

After color, the next choice is fairly easy…
See you then.


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