Part 2 – Lesson [3 of 5] – Persian Rug Sizes

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Interior designers will tell you that rug size depends on your design objective.

They’ll ask you if your rug will be a focal point or an accent?

Is it to unite or separate a room?

Are they valid questions?


But let me just say this: pretty much ANY size rug can work, but…

… some rugs are just too small.

Short version: Bigger is Better.

Small and medium rugs have their place of course, but if you’re ever stuck between choosing Medium & Large…

… almost everyone we know — is so much happier when they go BIG.

But how will you decide?

Well, every rug needs what we call the ‘border’ or ‘show floor’.

In most instances you want to aim for 6-14 inches off the baseboard/skirting.

In a smaller room, it’s better to have less ’show floor/border’ around the edges of your rug unless of course it’s parquet, oak or some other kind of decorative floor.

So that’s a guiding principle.

You measure your room, allowing for the size border you desire.

The trick is to see your rug at home before you buy.

Rug Size Cheat Sheet

But how?

Masking tape/painter’s tape.

Buy a roll or 3 from any hardware store and experiment with different sizes.

It’s an old trick and it works like gangbusters.

See you tomorrow.


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In our Ultimate Checklist Guide we have color pictures as size guides and inspiration – to help you visualize – the perfect rug at home.

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