Part 2 – Lesson [2 of 5] – Persian Rug Shapes

OK. So this category is self-explanatory but let’s take a brief look.

You know that you either want a rectangle or circle.

Pretty simple, right?

You want a long rectangle (or runner) for a hallway or a large rectangle for a living room.

Or you want a half circle to place in front of a dressing table or by a single bed.

Or perhaps you like the idea of a large circle/oval in an entranceway that leads towards different doorways.

There’s not much else to consider, but it’s still a question that once answered…

… tightens up your criteria, narrows down your search, and gets you one step closer to finding your perfect rug.

So now you have an idea of color and shape, next up is…


But today we’re out of time.

See you next time…

Talk soon,


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