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Mashad 9’10” X 12’10”

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Mashad 9’10” X 12’10”
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Mashad is one of the oldest cities in Iran. It became one of the most prominent weaving centers in the industry. The rich agricultural land in the area provides lush vegetation for the sheep to graze on which explains why the quality of the wool produced here is second to none.


Saber was a master weaver who started at a very young age in Mashad around 70 years ago. At one point, his operation saw about 60 looms specializing in large sizes that are no smaller than 12 square meters.

This 60-70-year-old 9’10” X 12’10” Persian Mashad rug is a signature piece of the Saber workshop. It features the timeless floral design with beautiful blend of the colors red, blue, beige, brown, burgundy, and black.

Made of 100% wool pile and cotton foundation, it is hand-knotted with a knot density of approx. 324 KPSI in approximately 580 days. This high-piled rug is both functional and beautiful for your living room or dining room.

This is Sabar Mashad Signed Persian Rug

Learn more about Mashad Rugs in our Rug Encyclopedia.


Additional information








Hand Knotted


9’10” x 12’10”

Age :

Aged (60-70 years)

Field Color:


Border Color:


Highlight Colors:

Beige, Blue, Burgundy, Red



Knot Density:

Approx. 324 KPSI

Pile Material:

100% Wool

Foundation Material:



Excellent & Washed (Like New)

Pile Thickness:

High Pile 1/2″-5/8″


Sabar Mashad

Knotting Time:

522 Days 4698 Hours

In Stock:

One-of-a-kind (Only 1 in stock)

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