10 x 15 Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs

Construction Of 10×15 Persian Rug

10×15 Persian and Oriental Rugs are magnificent works of art that make any room look absolutely resplendent with their exquisite patterns, rich colors and highly skilled workmanship.

Weaving rugs of this size is not easy. Skilled weavers spend several months, sometimes years, laboriously making one knot at a time. The exact amount of time taken to finish one 10×15 Persian rug depends on the number of knots per square inch as well as the pattern of the rug. Rugs with a higher knot count take much longer to complete, so do rugs with more elaborate designs.

You can find 10×15 Persian rugs in city as well as tribal designs.

Tabriz & Kashan and Mashad rugs of this size usually feature city patterns, while Bakhtyari rugs usually feature tribal designs.

The Perfect Places To Put A 10×15 Oriental Rug

With their large size, 10×15 Persian rugs are better suited for rooms that are large enough so there is some open space between the edges of the rug and the walls.

Placing rugs of this size in a smaller room can make the whole space look overwhelming and ruin the look of the rug and the room.

Placing a 10×15 Persian rug in a large living room, dining room, or bedroom is a easy way to add color and class to the room and uplift the overall décor of the space.

You can find these rugs in a wide range of colors and styles to suit any décor, from traditional to contemporary.