11 x 15 Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs

Make Your Living Room Look Larger By Placing 11 X 15 Persian Rug

Placing an 11 X 15 Persian Rug in your living room is a simple and quick way of making the space look larger. A large rug such as this opens the space up instantly, creating an impression that it is much larger than its actual dimensions. It also adds color to the space while tying together the various elements of furnishing in the room.

The key to achieving the best effect with your 11 X 15 Persian Rug is to place all your furniture on the rug with at least 7 – 10 inches of the rug showing on all sides.

Create A Luxurious Bedroom Look By Resting Your Bed Frame And Side Tables Entirely On Your 11 X 15 Oriental Rug

An 11 X 15 Oriental rug is not just for a large living room. It is a great addition to any bedroom too. A plush rug in the bedroom can give your bedroom a luxurious look while still keeping it warm and cozy.

The secret to creating a luxurious look in the bedroom is to arrange your bed frame and side tables in such a way that they rest completely on the rug.

Ideally you should leave at least about 25 to 30 inches of the rug showing around the edges so its beauty is not completely hidden under the bed.

Besides, it will also provide you with a soft and warm place to land your feet instead of the cold hard floor when you get out of bed.