Ultimate Persian Rug Size Guide For The Bedroom

Regardless the décor style, whether you choose contemporary, bohemian or rustic, two elements you definitely want to incorporate into your bedroom are coziness and comfort.

Think plush pillows, cuddly comforters and soothing colors. A soft Persian rug in complementary colors is that one accessory that will tie all the elements together beautifully.

The result will be a space that’s unequivocally cohesive, cozy and comfortable. As an added bonus, no more cold flooring that will shock your feet when you get out of bed. With a soft Persian rug, your feet will have a wonderfully soft and warm landing place in the morning for a great start to the day.

As with any other room, the key to creating the desired effect in the bedroom is to take time to visualize how and where you are going to place your Persian rug. Accordingly, you then have to determine the right measurements to achieve that look.

While some of the larger Persian rugs looks absolutely magnificent, if it’s too large for the space it will cause the room to look stuffy and cluttered, which is definitely not what you want. On the other hand, a rug that’s too small will not be noticeable and will do nothing to create the look you are hoping to achieve.

We’ve put together some tips and guidelines that will help you determine the right size of rug for you bedroom.

Standard Rug Placement Styles For The Bedroom

There’s no one layout that’s right for all bedrooms. The best placement style for your bedroom rug will depend on the size of the room as well as the size of your bed, the look you want to create, and your budget.

Here are top three layouts for placing a rug in the bedroom:

Bed Fits Fully On the Rug

Placing a rug that’s large enough to accommodate your bed fully on it will give your bedroom a magnificent look. If you choose this option, there are two main things you must take into consideration.

1. The rug should extend a few inches from all three sides of the bed that are away from the wall.

2. All four legs of the nightstands must sit securely on the rug. Two legs on and two legs off will create an unsteady surface. It’s no fun when you are trying to reach out for a glass for water in your sleep and it slides off the wobbly surface.

When looking for a rug for this layout, focus on the border of the rug as the center portion of the rug will remain invisible under the rug.

Only the border will be visible and you want that small portion to create the most effect. The good news is you can find a variety of Persian rugs with elaborate borders that would be perfect for the purpose.

Ideal size of large rug placed fully under your bed:

King Size Bed9’ x 12’, or 10’ x 14’ Rug
Queen Size Bed – 8’ x 10’
1 Twin Bed8’ x 10’, 6’ x 9’, or 5’ x 7’
2 Twin Beds – 2.5’ x 7’ or 2.5′ x 10 with 3’ x 5’ Persian rug or 4′ x 7′ Persian Rugs between the beds

Bed Fits Partially On the Rug

If your bedroom is not very spacious, then a large rug may look overwhelming and is not be the ideal choice.

Placing the bed partially on and partially off the rug may be the better option for a smaller bedroom. In this layout, the rug is placed only under the lower 2/3rd area of the bed. Here too only the borders of the rug will be visible.

One thing to be careful about in this layout is to make sure that the rug is placed in such a way that its top edge is away from the front legs of the nightstands.

You want the nightstands to sit fully and firmly on the floor behind the rug. Placing only the two front legs on the rug with the hind two legs off the rug will create an unsteady nightstand with a high risk of something slipping off the surface especially as you fumble for it in while half awake.

Ideal size of rug placed partially under your bed – 8’x10’

Bed is Completely Off the Rug

Done right, this layout can give the room a fantastic look. It involves using runner rugs along the two sides and the foot of the bed.

A runner rug is one with a length that’s several times more than its width. These are usually used in long, narrow hallways and entrances and are also great to use in the bedroom.

Placing runner rugs along the side and foot of the bed is a great option for smaller bedrooms. In this case the rugs only flank the three sides of the bed. The bed itself sits in the center but completely off all three rugs.

Two things to think about with this layout:

1. The length of the rug should not extend beyond the edges of the bed.

2. The width of the rug at the sides of the bed should be a little bit more than the width of your nightstand.

In this layout the entire rug will be visible so you want to focus on the whole design, not just the border.

In addition to looking good, this placement style is also the most economical as it don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a large rug.

Ideal bedroom runner sizes 7′ or 8′. You can find a variety of breathtakingly beautiful Persian runner rugs in a wide range of sizes, patterns and color combinations. Best of all, they are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain.

When looking for the perfect size of rug for your bedroom, keep in mind that these are only guidelines. The best bedroom rug size for you will depend on the size of your bedroom, the size of your bed, the look you wish to create, and your budget.

While all of these factors will finally influence your decision, the above factors placement and sizing guidelines provide a great starting point.

9 x 12 Bed Room Rug
Three 2’6″ x 8’6″ runners

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