6 to 10 ft Runners

6 to 10 ft Persian Runners

6 to 10 ft Runners offer you the most unexpected decorating options. They are just the thing you need to add color and flair to any passageway that is too narrow and too long for a square or round oriental rug.

Most homes will have at least one if not more areas where a small rug is too small, a square rug is too broad and a round rug just does not fit right. The good news is if you are looking for a floor covering for such a space you do not have to compromise. 6 to 10 ft runners come in a wide range of widths and you are sure to find one that fits the space just right. Their size makes them perfect for placing on either side of the bed.

Hand-knotted oriental runners also come in a mesmerizing array of colors and patterns that suit just about any decor. Colors range from darker shades such as deep ruby reds, royal blues and burnished oranges to lighter shades such as beige and light blue.

The lighter hues of a 6 to 10 ft Oushak or Kazak rug will brighten up any space and match almost any décor theme that is already in place. If you are looking for something more distinctive, check out 6 to 10 ft Mehraban, Azerbaijan or Tabriz rugs. Their dark shades and larger motifs will make a bold statement of style that is hard to ignore.