15+ ft Runners

15+ ft runners

15+ ft runners are a splendid décor option for staircases and for long winded hallways. When left uncovered, these spaces may look beautiful but way too bare. Placing 15+ ft runners in these spaces is a simple, easy and convenient way to add color, energy and excitement to these areas.

15+ ft runners are woven in a delightful combination of motifs and patterns. Some feature small, delicate paisley and floral patterns in pastel hues running through the length of the pattern whereas others feature large, bold geometric patterns in rich, bold colors that also run through the length of the rug. The design of the rug will have a huge influence in the overall look of the space.

The color of the 15+ ft runners also has a major impact on the way the space looks. A lighter colored runner Peshawar can make a dark look brighter and more elegant whereas a darker, more heavily patterned runner can add vibrancy and drama to the space. These runners in a fabulous range of colors and color combinations to suit just about any home décor color.

There’s no doubt that 15+ ft runners are a labor of love for their creators who would have spent hundreds of hours knotting the repetitive patterns. As you run your eyes at the pattern from one end to the other, you cannot but help admire the craftsmanship that has gone in creating one of these fabulous pieces.