10 to 14 ft Runners

10 To 14 Ft Runners

10 to 14 ft runners can make a world of a difference to any long narrow aisle in your home that is otherwise looking a tad bare. The wonder of 10 to 14 ft runners lies in the way the weavers have envisioned their patterns and recreated them onto these beautiful long runners.

What’s even more interesting is the way each of these designs is repeated differently. Some 10 to 14 ft runners including Qum, Tabriz and Nain 10 to 14 ft runners feature blocks of patterns that are repeated through the length of the runner. Others, such as Mashad, Kazak Azari and Peshawar runners feature a field of elaborate floral patterns bound by a beautiful striking border that runs along the length and width of the runner. Still others have a monochromatic field surrounded by a broad border on all sides. Each of these types of runners will give your space a completely different look.

A great decorating idea is to placing 10 to 14 ft runners on either side of your bed is an easy way to uplift your bedroom décor in an instant. You don’t need to do anything else! You can choose a light colored blue, beige or gold runner to complement the rest of your décor elements in the bedroom or you can choose a dark red, orange or green to give your bedroom a completely different look.