Vintage Rugs

Vintage Persian Rugs

Famed for their rich colors, unique designs and their essential role in Persian culture and Iranian art, the Vintage Persian Rug is unparalleled in the world, a high-quality hand-knotted rug that is known for its history. These rugs, made in Iran, are a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship. Often named for the city where their design originated – Tabriz, Mashad, Isfahan, Nain, Sarouk, Shiraz, or Heriz for example – they are a storied way to celebrate the region’s lasting contributions to the creative arts. Crafted with the artistic flair of the Persian knot, a knot that’s asymmetrical and open to one side, the designs feature an intricacy that is simply not possible with other methods.

Material and Decoration with Vintage Persian Rugs

Made of wool and silk, the Vintage Persian Rug is a statement piece that is sure to increase in value over time with proper care. These rugs are a bold way to enhance the design and value of your home. The more striking, intricate Vintage Rugs work beautifully against more subdued furniture and minimal walls. Likewise, if your home is full of designed pieces already, a more neutral rug will surely fit. The Vintage Persian Rug is ideal for anchoring a room and making your home even more special.