About Us

Jeff Shadkam and Rose Shadkam are owners of Catalina Rug Inc.
Jeff Shadkam, Co-owner (Left) and Rose Shadkam, Co-owner (Right)

From its beginnings in Iran, Catalina Rug has been in the rug business for three generations. The US store was launched in 1999 in a small front store in Redondo Beach, a beach city in Southern California. It is operated by the owners Jeff Shadkam and Rose Shadkam. Jeff Shadkam is the 3rd generation in his family to be in the rug business and has over 35 years of experience. Rose has over 17 years of experience and loves helping customers with choosing the perfect rug for their home.

Always striving to improve our customers’ experience, we were one of the first rug stores to go online. The company expanded quickly and is now a worldwide online rug store. Catalina Rug currently operates out of a large warehouse in the city of Torrance in sunny Southern California.

Catalina Rug's Wharhouse located in Torrance, California
Catalina Rug’s Wharhouse located in Torrance, California


A Glimpse of Inside Catalina Rug's Wharehouse in Torrance, California
A Glimpse of Inside Catalina Rug’s Wharehouse in Torrance, California