Catalina Rug Relocation in April 2021

In 1998, after starting our rug business, on Catalina Avenue, Los Angeles — we moved into our first-ever warehouse and showroom, in 2008.

Boy how time flies!

Over these last 13 years, we’ve worked really hard to make sure we bring you the best rugs, for the best prices with superior customer service!

And, we have to say it’s been a real pleasure to serve you, in-person, over the phone or online.

During this time we’ve gone from strength to strength, building our reputation as one of the most-respected and well-known rug dealers, in the U.S. and around the world!

Especially, because we deal exclusively in 100% hand-knotted Persian and Oriental rugs only!

Which are the highest-rated, best and most-loved rugs around the world.

If you’d like to read a little more about our recent move…

Keep reading (or scroll to the bottom of this message to see the rugs available in our Grand Opening Sale)…


Our Old Location

Our old warehouse was large and spacious and perfect for receiving customers who booked their appointments to see all our rugs in-person…

But, since it was a two-story building, there was always quite a lot of running back & forth between our showroom on the first floor and our office on the second, which was quite time-consuming and tiring. (after all, Jeff & Rose, the Catalina co-founder’s, like us all, aren’t getting any younger).

Nevertheless, it was good exercise and a wonderful location to display our rugs on the wall, or in piles.

Here’s couple of pictures of our old place:



Piles of Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs in Catalina Rug's Warehouse
View of our old warehouse from the office
View of our old warehouse from the display room

Happy Catalina Customer Success Stories


We have so many fond memories of our customers that came to visit us, where we enjoyed lots of fascinating and interesting conversations…

Helping you choose the right rug, in terms of style, type, size, color and price etc…

And there are lots of stories of happy and satisfied customers who trust us with their business when investing in and choosing a Persian or Oriental rug.

Like one time, where one of our customers fell in love with our rugs so much, that they spent over $36,000 in one day on rugs for their new home.



Here’s a couple of pictures as we started to move from our old location to new.

During Our Move in April

Packing up all of our rugs and preparing to move from the old warehouse
Rugs being moved into a new warehouse
Capturing the moving process in the new warehouse

And now we’re in our…

New Location

One of things we love about our new location is that it has its own yard so we can enjoy some sunshine at break-time.

And even though the new place is smaller than the old, it’s very clean, modern and stylish, with everything on one level (no more running back & forth between floors) and it’s the ideal place to continue on our mission to bring you the best rugs in the business, for the best prices, with exceptional & superior customer service!

Catalina Rug's New Warehouse location in Torrance, California
Catalina Rug's New Warehouse location in Torrance, California
Entrance to the new warehouse

So, we really hope you get the chance to come and meet us in-person someday.

In these new premises, we’ve also been able to improve how we display our rugs.

Now, we have one area for smaller rugs and one for large and a storage area for the extra large (or over-size) rugs.

Like we mentioned, the new place is smaller, so there isn’t as much room as before, but we’re still able to host you in style & comfort when you visit.

We also have a room which we’ve made into a “studio” where we take pictures of each rug (like usual) but also, we’ll now be able to shoot more and more videos of each rug, which we’ll upload to our website — which makes seeing and getting the feel for each rug so much easier and better (particularly, if you cannot visit us in-person).

Shipping and packing is also now easier in our new place, too! Because we were able to set-things up, (using all our experience of picking and packing our rugs for the last 13 years) – which means we have a great work-flow and system — from the moment we receive your order to getting your rug on its way to you, super fast!

Here’s a few more pictures of our new location and video walk-thru..


Inside smaller section of the new warehouse
Inside the larger part of our new warehouse

Watch Our Video Walk-thru

We’re planning to stay here for many years to come, so get in-touch and book your appointment so you can come visit and see all our wonderful and charming, Persian and Oriental Rug Floor Art!  And find the perfect rug for you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

And, if you’re not near enough to the west coast (or live elsewhere around the world) – you can always call us to discuss your needs, and of course, check out our high-definition photos, rug videos and augmented reality shopping experience.

We’d like to thank you for trusting us to help guide you & facilitate your rug buying experience (and for reading this update).

We couldn’t do what we do without you, so thank you!

Also a HUGE Thank you to Jeff, Rose all the entire Catalina Rug family for making this move happen. It was one of the most challenging months in the history of the business and it was only possible with the hard work and dedication of the Catalina Rug Family.