Khal Mohammadi

Afghan Khal Mohammadi

A True Class of its Own in Afghan Rugs

Distinctive rust and red tone is the signature of Khal Mohammadi. You can say there are 50 shades of red in Khal Mohammadi rugs, perhaps even more.

Khal Mohammadi rugs are renowned for their fine workmanship and durability. They are made with 100% premium wool and some even have silk blended in their pile for a subtle sheen finish.

The high knot count together with the superior material makes Khal Mohammadi one of the softest and smoothest types of Oriental Rugs.

Origin of Khal Mohammadi

Unlike the typical Afghan rug that is named after its city of origin, Khal Mohammadi is named after a renowned rug producer and dye master. Mohammadi developed the red tones found in these rugs 30 years ago.

With Ersari Turkmen heritage, Mohammadi introduced the traditional tribal patterns of repeated columns of ‘gul‘ or ‘fil pai‘ (elephant prints) into the Khal Mohammadi rugs.

Some say.. 150 years ago, an expert dyer named Mohammadi created the exotic hues that Khal Mohammadi rugs possess today.  Others believe that Khal Mohammadi rugs were originally woven by Ersari Turkmen weavers in Northern Afghanistan instead of a single individual or workshop.

Nowadays, “Khal Mohammadi” is used to name the fine quality Afghan rugs which share the same style of weaving techniques, color palettes, patterns, and quality of the original pieces.

Nowadays, Khal Mohammadi rugs are mainly crafted in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan, and near the border of Pakistan.