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Catalina Rug Co-Founders
Catalina Rug Co-founder Rose and Jeff Shadkam with one of our many beloved clients
Catalina Rug Showroom in Torrance, California

It all begins with…

The story of Jeff and Rose Shadkam

Rug. Why?

Well, it was second nature to our founders, Rose & Jeff Shadkam.

After all, they were born in the heart of rug-weaving country. 

Today we know it as Iran but back in the day, when looms were new inventions and carpets were hand-made for the very first time…

The place was known as Persia.

Not long after we opened up shop in Catalina Ave…

The rugs we were selling began to outshine the competition.


The reason?

Same as today.

Because Jeff, would fly directly into the heart of each rug-producing city and hand-pick the supplier.

And, in most cases, hand pick EVERY rug, until he was certain he had sourced the very best rug money can buy – at a ridiculously good price… 

… because of course, we were cutting out the middleman and passing the savings onto our customers.

The other reason things started to move in a positive direction for the business is because of the values we built our business around-

Only Hand-picked Masterpiece
Hand-knotted by Experienced Weavers

Now and Onwards

In 1998, after starting our rug business, on Catalina Avenue, Los Angeles — we moved into our first-ever warehouse and showroom, in 2008. Thanks to the trust and supports given by our customers, making Catalina Rug one of the most prestigious and well-known rug dealers in the U.S. and around the world.

Simply because we deal exclusively in 100% hand-knotted Persian and Oriental rugs only!

New showroom with improved facilities
Dedicated section for large Persian rugs

Fast forward 2021, here in our second warehouse. Although this new showroom is smaller but it is MORE.

Natural lighting– New showroom is designed to have the optimal natural lighting to let you see the TRUE color of every rug.

One level – If you have visited us in the old showroom before, you would have known that there were 2 levels that require much leg works.

Studio – New studio allows us to take MUCH better photos and videos for our website, so you can see and feel the rug better (particularly, if you cannot visit us in-person).

Improved system -Shipping and packing is more efficient now. Expect better packaging and faster delivery.

Read more on our recent move.

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Living the Values

Customer Care

We want our customers to have best experience not only with the rugs they purchased but also the journey to obtain one. Because we understand that there’s whole lot to consider when making an investment like this. We are here to assist, anytime. You can even live video call with our co-founder, Rose. Schedule here.

Quality Perfection

We know that when customer buy a Persian or Oriental Rug, the chances are that it will be in the family for decades (if not generations). Each rug is hand-picked by our co-founder – Jeff – who has 35 years of rug industry experience. Every piece is the closest thing to perfection and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Price Honesty

We believe in transparency, therefore, we don’t quote a very high price for each rug and expect customer to barter. We know many rug dealers do, but we didn’t want to approach business like that.
Meaning the price you see on the label, is the price you pay. Prices change if we do special promotions.

However, prices are subject to change when we do our annual rug value appraisal.


Because Persian and Oriental Rugs are hand-made and unique, meaning they hold their value really, really well. Put simply, they can actually go up in value (that’s why some people like to buy rugs for investment purposes). 

So from time-to-time, we review our inventory and adjust prices according to the market demand.







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