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The premier online rug store for excellent quality hand knotted Oriental Rugs at best prices.

Don't Sacrifice Quality for Price

When you shop with Catalina Rug, you'll find you never have to compromise between quality and price. This is because we always hand-pick large orders when buying so we can get outstanding rugs at the best prices.
We use no middle man when buying or selling so there are no unnecessary commissions added to the price tag.

The only reason I wouldn't tell anyone about this site is because I don't want anyone else to know where I get great deals on all of my rugs! Brandon M. - PA

Quality Rugs Keep Clients Returning

At Catalina Rug, we believe in long-term relationships with our clients and prefer to keep our clients satisfied so they keep coming back year after year. We think of each rug first as an investment. This leads to our inventory of only excellent quality rugs that keep our clients returning.

I have purchased ten rugs from Catalina Rug over the last six years. Their pricing is very reasonable given the quality of their product. Our homes are much more beautiful today thanks to Catalina Rug! Benny - MD

We Help You Make A Better Decision

We help and answer our clients' questions with absolutely honestly so you can make the best decision for every purchase. Our extensive Rug Encyclopedia and Catalina Rug Blog features plenty of informational articles on Oriental rugs so you can learn more and gain valuable insight before choosing a rug. You can also contact us for expert help at any time.

The customer service is unparalleled. Rose is knowledgeable, and extremely patient and gracious. She educated and navigated me through the complex and breathtaking labyrinths of the vast array of truly amazing Persian rugs. Perry - VA

It's So Easy

Don't just take our word for it, read more about what our clients have to say. Just Look around our site and you will be convinced. Learn more about us here.

Buying online can be a trying experience fraught with uncertainty and concern and the stress goes up right along with the cost of the item. Dealing with Catalina Rug has softened that experience and turned it into one that we look forward to. What a great feeling to know that your purchase will delight you. Barbara and Cam - NC

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