Professional Rug Cleaning

The following is the procedure of washing hand-made rugs, for both new and used:

1: To begin with, it is very important to get the dust out of the body of a rug. Contrary to the general belief, a brand new rug will also need to be treated for removal of dust, which gets into the pile while the rug is being woven. This is done by large special machines.

dust removal from persian rugs


2: Afterwards, an organically made solution is spread out on the surface of the rug in order to keep the colors in their place and avoid the running of colors during the washing process. Then a regular detergent is added and the pile is washed thoroughly using a tool that looks more or less like a Rake. The foam is then removed from the pile with lots of water and the same Rake-like tool.

Finally, a natural cleansing solution is thrown over the surface as a disinfectant. This solution is allowed to remain for a few minutes and in some cases up to several hours, depending on the periods of heavy traffic.

This solution is eventually washed out of the pile with a large quantity of water, using the same Rake-like tool. This process will not only clean and sanitize the rug completely, but will also make the wool softer and shinier.

washing persian rug with water and soup

3: The rug is then laid out to dry, either by artificial or natural heat, depending on weather conditions. Of course, natural sunlight is a much more desirable option.

Persian rugs being dried

4: As a final step, the rug is stretched from all four sides to make it entirely flat with no “bubbles” on the surface.

Persian rugs being dried

5: It is shaved using special devices that are similar to regular shaving machines. This will make the appearance of the design more vivid.

Persian rug shaving

6: The rug is now ready to be used for years to come or until its again time for its next wash.